Stephenson signs before deadline

Just before the deadline expired, the Reds signed 2011 first-round pick Robert Stephenson. The right-handed high school pitcher will receive a $2 million bonus.

Stephenson, 18, was the 27th overall selection in the 2011 First-Year Player Draft out of Alhambra High School in Martinez, Calif. During his senior season, he was 7-2 with a 1.33 ERA in 64 innings, and he tossed two no-hitters.

“We got him right there at the end,” Reds senior director of amateur scouting Chris Buckley said just after the 12:01 a.m. ET deadline early Tuesday. “You never want to pick a guy in the first round to not sign him.”

And Stephenson was also happy.

“I’m really excited and definitely relieved to get it done,” Stephenson said by phone. “It was literally at the last minute by the phone waiting for a call.”


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Welcome back, Mark. If you were out of town you missed the best weather of the summer and some of the worst baseball. On the other hand, there was a four game winning streak. On the other other hand, that may just give us time to find a higher ledge to jump off of. Mark, do you think the Reds are really serious about Alonso at third or are they just trying to broaden the trade market?

So glad to have you back Mark. I had to go to that loser Jamie Ramsey’s blog to get my starting lineup. Please don’t make me do that again. Thanks.

@maxblue — I do think the Reds are serious. They would like to find a way, any way, to get his bat in the lineup. Whether he can play the position is another matter. I guess we’ll see. Interesting that he’s back in LF today.

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