No Reds trades at Deadline

The deadline came and went Sunday afternoon just after the Reds completed a three-game sweep of the Giants with a 9-0 win.

There will be a more detailed story on soon….but Reds GM Walt Jocketty didn’t have any deals close to fruition on Sunday.

“We thought we were maybe yesterday. In the end, it probably was not as close as we thought it was,” Jocketty said. “We tried working on a number of big deals and some of the guys that were traded, we were in on most of them. Some of the requests for us, we felt were ridiculous and a lot more than we were willing to pay.”

The big issue was that team were asking for some coveted Reds prospects.

“Not just one or two,” Jocketty said. “It just didn’t make good sense for us in the short term or the long term. So we pulled back. We still believe we have enough talent here to win the division. I think we have to play better and I think this weekend was a great indication of what this team is capable of doing.”

Jocketty believed that talks with Houston fizzled over the Astros’ reluctance to deal within their division.

“I think that was a big part of it,” he said. “I think that’s why they asked for a lot more from us than what they got.”


Really, in the end, all these guys who got traded aren’t even that good– or at least they aren’t as good as they once were–

No point in trading high value prospects to get some of these guys unless you are trying to improve your team FOR the postseason… not just to take a chance that you may get there.

The best thing to do is get rid of some of the older guys who don’t factor in long-term and who aren’t really playing like all-stars anyway, and let the young fellas get some time.

The big, tough question slash elephant in the room is Bronson Arroyo. How much longer can you keep running him out there when he just is not foolin’ ANYbody? Can’t trade him… maybe you just shelf him for the rest of the season and bring back T. Wood or even (gulp) E. Volquez. Tough decision, that’s for sure.

I believe that even when Walt Jocketty said they wouldn’t be sellers at the deadline. They pretty much said “We give up on this season without even saying it. He can say all he wants to about how he believes this team can win the division, but if that was true, he wouldn’t have been in on so many big deals so hard. We have needed that spark plug of a big bat for a long time and I do believe as Walt does, that we might have gotten Bourn in a pretty good deal had we not been in the Central with the Astros. That would have been an immediate impact since we are beginning the series with Houston tomorrow night. It is still so frustrating that everyone else in the division made moves to improve and we didn’t. I guess being 6 1/2 out of first made them that much more reluctant. One thing we need to remember for future reference is to demand the moon from the Astros for any of our players in the future just to send a clear message that we can play hardball just the same. As it stands now, there is no excuse for us not to go down to Houston and win all three games since Pence and Bourn are no longer around.

Walt sat on his hands all year, why would anybody expect him to do anything now? This team needs a comeback of EPIC proportions to make the playoffs, and it’s not happening. Holding on to Ramon was plain stupid, he will walk at the end of the year for nothing unless they offer arbitration, which they won’t do for fear he accepts it. But hey, they like the players they got here. The best 3rd place team Walt can put together. SMH.

I don’t have a problem with the lack of trades given what was being asked in return. However, I would have preferred to trade Ramon and get some prospects along with bringing Meso up from AAA.

I figure that Walt knows what’s best for this team, since he sees a lot more of the players then I do. They did after all just sweep the Giants this weekend. Lets see what they do against a tough team again. As much as I didn’t like seeing Gomes go, I think that Alonso is a great spark for this team when it’s needed. He should win that outfield spot. Heisey should be the back up for now. Go REDS, great weekend! I would like to see them keep both catchers.

Monday noontime: Ok, that takes care of that. The team looked good over the weekend, and we’ve found our no. 1 starter, best in the league. We play some stiffs for a while and maybe can make some hay. Any stirrings of hope out there? I’m slightly fired up. The negatives are obvious and may force themselves back on our attention beginning tonight. Still …

18-10 August, here we go. That would put us 6 games over and probably only a couple games out. Milwaukee and St. Louis play each other six times in the next nine days, so hopefully they split and we can make up some ground. Not really close enough for scoreboard watching though. Just win each game, nothing more than that.

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