Bourn unlikely for Reds

It appears less than likely that the Reds will make a trade with the Astros to get outfielder and leadoff hitter Michael Bourn.

According to a baseball source, Houston’s asking price was too high. However it is not known which players or prospects from the Reds the club was seeking.

The Reds and general manager Walt Jocketty remain buyers on the market ahead of Sunday’s 4 p.m. ET non-waivers Trade Deadline. They are also looking for players under club control beyond this season and Bourn was signed with the Astros through 2012.


who do you see them going for?

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like Walt to call the Dodgers about Kemp and Kershaw or Billingsly!!!

Trade Stubbs if they want him in the deal along with Wood and Volquez Alonso and Boxberger..

Same old, same old. Always rumored to be in on the big names at the deadline and nothing happens. Tomorrow we will hear the company line..”we tried but couldn’t get a deal done”. Same old, same old.

Go get Carlos Quentin, Walt!!

Kenny Williams is said to be looking for a young, left-handed impact bat and Yonder Alonso would be a perfect fit with Konerko getting on in age. Also, Quentin would only cost about 2M for the rest of the year and has one more year left of arbitration.

Please ownership, step up and show the fanbase that you are atleast willing to try. I promise it will come back ten fold in the end, no matter the outcome!

I’d rather keep an up-and-coming pure hitter like Alonzo over a rapidly aging Quentin who can’t cover any ground in the outfield.

Mark –
What hitters are left that could help the Reds. They do desperately need a bat in the middle of the order that can consistently drive runners in. Guys repeatedly left on base is killing us.

I think they should go at BJ Upton since it appears that the Braves will give the Astros the ridiculous amount that they are asking for Bourn. If the Rays see the list of suitors being whittled down, they might just back off a little on their asking price. if they really want to deal him. I see them maybe trying to do something for Coco Crisp if the price is right. He does steal bases when he gets on, but his contract might be a little much to take on. I would like us to find a good starter and maybe a reliever that throws hard and gets people out on a consistent basis. Here’s another thought, Fire Dusty Baker! His decision making about when to yank pitchers out of games has lacked terribly in a lot of late inning losses in games this year. We need a guy like Sparky who knew when to take a pitcher out before it blew up in our faces. Don’t let the starter load the bases in the 7th inning before getting him out of there. If you see evidence of a pitcher start walking people more in the late innings, have Chapman or Massett ready to go in at the beginning of the next inning. This would greatly reduce the stress on the staff and allow them to make their pitches without trying to be too pinpoint perfect because of runners on.

Here is someone the Reds should try to go for. Denard Span of the Twins. He has a 294. average, His on base percentage is pretty decent, the Twins don’t seem to be asking a lot for him and he fits Jockety’s profile of someone who is signed longer term. He is signed through 2014 with an option for 15.

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