Hernandez staying put?

There will be a more detailed story coming … but Reds GM Walt Jocketty is not changing his Trade Deadline strategy in light of the rough week his club has had (swept four straight by the Mets to go 50-55).

“We are not selling,” Jocketty said.

One of the players prominent in rumors of a sell has been catcher Ramon Hernandez, especially with top catching prospect Devin Mesoraco on the cusp at Triple-A Louisville. However, Jocketty said he has not listened to offers for Hernandez.

“I haven’t no, and I don’t know if I would,” Jocketty said. “I still think he’s a guy that can help us with this year. I think his value is greater to us now than if we were to move him. You’re not going to get the value in return for him that he gives our club. That’s why we would hold on to him.”



Maddening? not really, keep in mind if he sign elsewhere after we offer arbitration, we get a couple fairly high draft picks. Unless who you trade for is of a higher value, it makes sense to keep him. If he accepts arb, we can trade him next year or trade hannigan.

Giants need a catcher and are deep in pitching at major and minor league levels.,,,a win-win for both.

we’re 6 games back, behind 3 teams…all of whom either have or will make moves to strengthen themselves. If WJ deals Hernandez to SF for a decent return he can get Mesaraco up and get him a couple months experience at the big league level before he’s thrust into next season!

Two teams have made significant moves. Two teams have not. No coincidence.

The Giants have a valuable pitcher that would be perfect Erik Surkamp a lefty pitching lightsout a AA. he is also from the Cincinnati area!!!
PLUS Mesaraco is the top catcher in the minors.. The Giants were not afraid to promote Posey last season mid way!! what did he do for them last year?? ROY and World Series Champs!! Hanigan can catch every 5th day…

Maybe just a coincidence Hanigan caught leake tonight, not Hernandez, who if you remember last week during a game, at the beginning of an inning Leake ready to warm up, and hanny came out, and Leake wouldnt throw. Hernandez finally came out and leake resumed his warm up. Even though last nights game went to 13 innings the catchers basically split the innings. Maybe deal for Hernandez in the making? only time will tell.

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