Friday, two days until Deadline

Reds lineup vs. Giants

Stubbs 8
Lewis 7
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Cairo 5
Hernandez 2
Janish 6
Willis 1

*RHP Sam LeCure leads the NL with a 0.61 ERA as a reliever (min 29 1/3 innings)

*LHP Matt Maloney and RHP Jared Burton are both scheduled to make rehab assignment appearances tonight for Triple-A Louisville.

*Vs. Reds LHP Dontrelle Willis — Freddy Sanchez is 12-for-20 (.600) but is on the DL. Pat Burrell is 13-for-49 with three homers, and is also on the DL. And in another break — Mark DeRosa is 5-for-12…and guess what? On the DL.

*Vs. Giants RHP Ryan Vogelsong — Brandon Phillips is 5-for-7.


Same old, same old. What’s going to be different tonight?

I’ve been wondering the same thing

Why did they call up Yonder Alonso if he is going to ride the bench?? This Reds club makes my head hurt sometimes.

Im wondering thesame thing. They should have called up Mesoraco at least they could use a Catcher

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