Cozart to DL, Janish back

The Reds on Sunday placed SS Zack Cozart on the 15 day disabled list because of his hyperextended left elbow from Saturday’s collision with Nate McClouth.

SS Paul Janish was recalled from Triple-A Louisville. After starting off 1-for-22 after being sent down on July 7, Janish is now 9-for-40 (.225) 11-for-43 (.256). Before he was sent to AAA, he was batting .227 for the Reds in 68 games with no homers.


for the bats he was .256, 11 for 43

Correction for Mark: “After starting off 1-for-22 after being sent down on July 7, Janish is now 11-for-43(.256).”

Yeah, Mark’s numbers don’t include last night’s game. Janish was 2 for 3 with a double and a HBP.

Ideally, Janish could probably use a little more time in Louisville, but he’s really improved a lot in the past week. After not being able to buy a hit in his first 28 games, he’s been mashing. Even hit a home run – his first of the season, including in spring training.

Arrgh. That should be “first 8 games,” not 28.

I made the adjustment in the stats. Not sure why the site I was using wasn’t updated. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I can’t believe what I just heard you say on the radio. Janish was the starting shortstop and Renteria was backup prior to Janish being sent to triple A? What a joke. Janish started opening day then game two who was in the line up? Renteria. What Janish needed a rest? Renteria is Dusty’s boy and any honest person knows that. Janish gets to triple A and they figure out his hitting slump is mental not mechanical? I knew as soon as Renteria’s signing was announced that Janish was going to get screwed and I am sure Janish knew it too. He deserved a true starting position this year not Dusty’s lies. Dusty has his favs in Renteria, Stubbs and Gomes and he will give them every chance in the world beyond all reason. Janish and Heisey try their hardest and they don’t get half a chance. When Dusty had no choice but to play him last year Janish had ok offensive numbers and played a stellar defense. Did that mean Janish was given the starting shortstop position this year? Not hardly.

Any follow up as to how serious this injury is? Will he be back after the 15 days?

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