NL takes 5-1 win over AL

The Reds were not huge factors in the National Leagues’ 5-1 win over the American League Tuesday night. Cincinnati’s hitters were a combined 0-for-6 with four Ks.

Scott Rolen — started, was 0-for-2 with two Ks.

Joey Votto — entered in the top of the fifth and was 0-for-2 with a K and a groundout to 3B

Brandon Phillips — entered in the top of the sixth and was 0-for-1 with a fly out.

Jay Bruce — entered as a pinch-hitter in the ninth and struck out. He played right field in the bottom of the ninth and made a throwing error on Matt Joyce’s single that moved him to second base.

Here are some quotes from the Reds All-Stars today… Be sure to check out my full story when it’s up on and

“Arizona has done a great job. The clubhouse is beautiful. I feel like it’s been a nice experience.” — Joey Votto

“That was not the two draws I was looking for, for sure.” — Scott Rolen on facing pitchers Michael Pineda and Jordan Walden. Pineda was throwing some killer sliders and Walden had two pitches reach 100 mph and another at 99 to Rolen.
“I say thank you, Prince, because he just gave the Reds home field advantage for the World Series. I’m going to give him a kiss on the cheek. I told him already. I’ll give him a kiss…when I get dressed.” — Brandon Phillips on Prince Fielder, who was named MVP for his fourth inning three-run homer that snapped a 1-1 tie.

“My family and friends are getting to experience everything. It’s been awesome. I’m just taking it all in. it’s been great.” — Jay Bruce.



Mark, have they set the rotation for sure for the next five games?

What does one make of the K-Rod to Milwaukee deal? A missed chance for the Reds, or a bridge too far?

K-rod will help Milwaukee, of course, but I suspect their bullpen problems are deeper than a one-arm fix. In any event, he will likely become a three-month rental of prohibitive expense. It’s certainly not the route the Reds can or ought to pursue. It might get Milwaukee to the promised land this year, but without a plan in place for much beyond that. And I don’t think even that is likely to happen. Pittsburgh has the best pitching, top to bottom, of any of the four contenders, and we all know it is usually quality pitching that prevails. Larussa is smart enough to recognize this. He has Reds fans scratching their head about the rotation he has announced post-break. The explanation is simple. He is setting up the rotation for Pittsburgh,. He won’t say that publicly, of course, but his actions speak loudly about which of the contenders his team plays right after the break he views as the stronger second-half threat.

How much do we want to be that Pittsburgh doesn’t win 80 games? I have a lot of money I would like to put on this.

bet i mean….

I’m not really much of a betting man, and, apparently, unlike you, I don’t have gobs of money at my disposal, particularly not enough to squander some on as unpredictable a thing as baseball. But I will make a friendly, non-monetary wager. I forthrightly admit upfront that a lot of my position rests on giddy hope rather than any special insight or prognostication. I have recently posted somewhere–maybe on this cite–that the Reds caught the wave a year ago and that I wouldn’t mind if Pittsburgh stayed aloft the crest this season. Another momentary triumph for the small, underprivileged franchises! So much of it is that. But there is also a bit of reason behind the madness. The same stats that I began watching earlier in the year that kept signaling that the Reds were a mediocre, or worse, bunch in 2011 and that you have pretty much consistently taken issue with, also found the surprising Pirates a solid club, mostly with pitching and defense with the occasional WAR standout like McCutchen on the offensive side of the ball. We’ll see how the Reds turn out, but the midterm report wasn’t good. And we’ll see if Pittsburgh can score high on the final exam that awaits.

I went to their MLB-blog, Pittsburgh’s, that is. On July 5, the MLB reporter blogged that the Pirates starters had won their 34th game, as many wins as the starters had all last year! Meanwhile, Pittsburgh’s Dennys and Curts are busy general managing the team in the blog, but the tone is giddy and hope-we-don’t-wake-up-from-this-dream. Not that that has anything to do with anything – but it made me realize how quickly we’ve gotten spoiled with the Reds, Our expectations are high, at least mine are. Down years are no longer acceptable. In Pittsburgh, they’ve had 20 in a row! Go Pirates – I hope they finish second behind the Reds, 8 games over .500.

For maxblue: This provides some interesting insight into the attitdes prevalent in Pitt. Ought to remind us of ourselves about a year back. And you share my hope for them. Good. I’ll second your hope in your final lines, but while my heart wants to nod assent, my head tells me the Reds won’t find themselves in that lofty position at the end of this campaign. Here’s hoping my head is wrong. Certainly others have alleged that before!

Gentleman, please please please change your tone on the Pirates. Think about how much you hate Steelers fans and Penguins fans and all that the people of Pittsburgh stand for. Imagine if they win the division. Do you really want those people to be happy? I’m actually not much of a hater, I pride myself on being optimistic and seeing the good in things more than the bad. With two exceptions, anything dealing with Pittsburgh, and anything dealing with that piece of crap Phillip Rivers. Don’t root for the Pirates, please don’t do it. Thanks.

Can’t fully oblige you. I understand your wrath directed at the Steelers, Penguins, and Pittsburgh people in general. And I’m old enough to remember the day thirty-five years ago or so when I had similar disgust for the Pirates who were often our main obstacles in the path to the World Series. But give them a break. Twenty years in the wilderness! Long enough. This is more about solidarity with a very similarly disadvantaged baseball franchise that plays in the game we all love but that is clearly rigged against the teams that we love at the same time. That’s probably why we have the intensity. In the end, they are so much like us.

I have checked the 2010 US Census figures and they show that there are some nice Pitts-burghers and some obnoxious ones; and that all the nice ones are Pirates fans, and all the a-h’s are, you guessed it, Steelers fans. As certified by the US gummint! I grew up in DC and lost two baseball teams in my impressionable youth. I have only two sports-hates: the Yankees and the Cowboys. Denny – what you said was just right. Small market fans, unite! Salary cap the next CBA! Revenue sharing! NFL model! Bill Vecch ever, George Steinbrenner never! May global warming swamps the coasts! Make Tahoe the surfing capital of the world! Well, you get the idea. Solidarity with the * good * (Pirates fans) people of Pittsburgh!

I just threw up in my mouth.

Oh, Curt, they can’t all be bad, can they? Remember, we are family!

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