Votto: ‘We’re frustrated too’

It’s Monday morning in Phoenix and everyone is at the Arizona Biltmore Resort for the All-Star media sessions. The National League team is just wrapping things up. Three of the four Reds All-Stars are here — Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce. Scott Rolen had returned home to gather up his family and was still flying out. He will be here tonight.

Lots of print, internet, TV and radio reporters peppered the players with all sorts of questions — ranging from what music they like to which pitchers they want to face or not face. Although this is a work trip for the Reds players — it’s also a four-day break from the season. I will have a more detailed story later today but here is something for now….
“It’s  very helpful. Jay and I were talking about that on the ride here and how nice it will be to put the season on pause,” Votto said. “I think, speaking as a player on the team to the Reds’ fans, we’re frustrated too. We’re frustrated about the inconsistency of the team, not necessarily the players, but the wins and losses. We’re frustrated that things haven’t been easier. I think that if we pull this division out, this will almost be, to us, it might end up feeling more satisfying than last year. Last year, we just felt like ‘this is our season. We’re going to do it.’ This year, we feel like we’re supposed to repeat but we’ve kind of been in a hole the whole time and have to dig ourselves out.”

Joey Votto


Brandon Phillips


Jay Bruce


I’ve attended nine games so far but I probably won’t buy more tickets unless we see more changes for the second half. Why not try another pitcher at the closer position. It couldn’t get much worse. Like the players, after watching for two or three hours and seeing the team lose right at the end, it is very frustrating and it feels like a waste of time.

The decision to pitch Cordero on Sunday was SO STUBBORN. I hate when managers are THAT by the book– “oh look, we have a one run lead in the 9th, the only thing to do is put our designated closer in, there’s NO WAY that anyone ELSE could EVER close this game out.”


The Reds signed Dusty for 2 years and he will be the manager for years. Get used to it.
Does anyone wonder why Dusty as a pennant winning manager who was 2 votes from being a 4 time Manager of the Year award winner is not at the game.
Writer just don’t ask the questions like we did in the old days.

Oh cmon people. You were complaining last week that Cordero should have been on the all star team. Now you want a new closer, ha. God forbid someone has a bad week. Relax.

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