Jocketty: No shake up

So after all the speculation earlier this afternoon, the Reds roster is no different. General manager Walt Jocketty said that Dontrelle Willis is slated to pitch in relief tonight behind Travis Wood.

“It’s Wood day to start and I wanted to keep Wood on [his turn].  We didn’t want to deviate,” Jocketty said.

The mixed messages over Wood and Willis were good reasons to wonder if the Reds might make a change in their rotation, especially with the struggling Edinson Volquez scheduled to start Sunday.

When asked if the Reds still planning to go with Volquez, Jocketty said “yeah.”

The Reds haven’t played well heading towards the end of the first half, but the usually patient Jocketty isn’t seeking a move to shake things up.

“I don’t normally react that way,” Jocketty said. “If I make a move to do something, it’s not to shake things up. It’s to make the club better.

“I’m not going to sit here and predict what’s going to happen. I can’t. We only have a few days left before the break.”

The organization has a collection of young players at Triple-A Louisville doing well — whether it’s Zack Cozart, Devin Mesoraco or Yonder Alonso. Asked if they could make this club better, Jocketty declined to discuss.

“I’m not going to answer a question like that so stop asking,” Jocketty said.


This season has been quite frustrating… and the team seems to be in a giant lull now– we all want a shake-up.. something to kick these guys into gear but it aint happening.

All I know is, watching Volquez pitch is excruciatingly excruciating. Please please please stop forcing us to watch Edinson Volquez pitch. I’d rather get Jimmy Haynes out of retirement for a game than have to watch Volquez s*** away another game.

Not sure what the problem is the hitting in Louisville has cooled down considerably and it makes it look like Walt was right – they aren’t ready. Last 10 games – Sapplet .225/Cozart .279/ Mesoraco .268/Alonso .171/Hermida .238. Has the pitchers adjusted their pitching to them? Batters not adjusted to the pitchers adjustment? The players coming back to their career minor league stats? Or a combination of all of them?

If they are not hitting in Louisville now, why would any one think they would in the majors?

Sadly that shows .500 is all they are happy with!! if Edinson pitches Sunday, there is no accountability in this front office.. !!!!! AND if Stubbs is back in the lineup tomorrow to leadoff and strike out 3 times, that will tell me as a fan, its better for me to save my money instead of buying tickets since Walt is happy in 4th place.. Goodness I thought we were getting a GM that would pull the deals to get legit players to fix things.. Hmmm i bet he didnt think he was happy with what he had before he traded for McGwire on the Cardinals!!! Seems to me he hates to be wrong with his Gomes and Renteria signing.. So he will force dusty to play them more and more and of course “MR K” Stubbs!!

Here is a hint WALT.. Replacing Edinson with Willis makes the team BETTER.. Replacing Janish with Cozart makes the team better. Replacing Stubbs with Sapplet makes the team better!!!! at least it shows the fans you are not happy with losing!!and your not blind by the results of the teams record!!

I don’t know if anyone else has,noticed but l think my mighty red legs are sucking right now and I think ltd time for a management change.

Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote inmatforive articles.

blowing a 8-0 lead!!!????? they loose and Walt will till do ZERO!!! Time to fire somebody and I wish BOB would pull the plug on Baker and go ask Lou Pinella back!! AND fire the rest of this coaching staff and let LOU pick his own!!

Where in the rule book does it say that you must pitch the closer in the 9th inning?
Why when a pitcher has pitched a perfect 8th inning would you take him out and
replace him with an pitcher who may or may not be able to pitch as well as the man you just replaced. Supposed closer or not. Dusty insists on doing this and has lost many cames because of it. If a pitcher is doing a great job, leave him in. Also forget the righthand/lefthand pitcher change to face one batter. It fails as often as it succeeds. Best solution for Cincinnati. Replace Dusty. Try someone who doesn’t have to do everything by the rule book.

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