Just the quotes…

Reaction from both clubhouses following the Reds 1-0 loss to the Cardinals on Monday.

On the pitching duel between Cueto and Carpenter:

“I don’t think that surprised anybody. We always have our hands full when Carp is out there. Cueto has been as good as anybody in the league. We definitely expected that out of both guys.” — Scott Rolen

“That was as good as you’re going to see. Both of them were dealing. We actually had more chances than they did. You hate to lose a game like that on a little jam shot-squibber because Johnny was great.” — Dusty Baker

“It doesn’t bother me because it’s part of the game. When I go there, I want to win. If that’s the way God wants it, that’s it.” — Johnny Cueto

“The key is that he’s pitching. He faced a lot of No. 1’s lately. He’s matched up with every one of them. He’s really maturing and coming along as a pitcher.” — Baker on Cueto

On Rolen’s play at third base to try and stop the Mark Hamilton RBI infield hit in the eighth:

“I was playing off the line. It kind of squibbed over and that was the only way I could think of making the play. He beat it out. It’s a base hit and RBI. “I knew it was fair right away. I knew it was going to land past the bag. I was just trying to get over there and see what happens when I got there.” — Scott Rolen

“That ball is spinning. That was a golden glove play by Scotty right there to even get that close.” — Dusty Baker

“I thought it had a chance to get by him when I hit it. He made an unbelievable play on me so I just had to get on my horse and get down the line, honestly the dive was just one of those spur of the moment things. It’s almost like I could feel the ball coming from Rolen at third and I felt like I had to do something to get there.” — Cardinals PH Mark Hamilton

“That play Scott made may be the greatest play by a third baseman I’ve ever seen. I have no idea how he got to that ball and threw the ball, I have no idea.” — Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa

And Rolen on his 2000th career hit, a first-inning single off Carpenter:

“I’m not a huge numbers guy but that’s number or plateau or a resting place I guess for a second. I guess I can let myself reflect a little bit since it’s a milestone number. It’s more a representation – I feel like I’ve worked pretty hard at this game, coming up from the minor leagues and all the way through. It’s a nice number. I will reflect on that number as a reward for a lot of sweat.”


My god this offense is pathetic. And yet management just sits on their hands and does nothing. Letting the season slip away, saying “ah, we’ll get hot soon!”

question…Mark, was Arroyo around in the clubhouse after the game and did he look under the weather? I’m very curious to whether this was legit or either A: a ploy to keep Dontrelle motivated (knowing he’s THAT close) or B: a trade/transaction is close in the works w/ members of the rotation

@J – lets hope & pray Walt & Big Bob have a plan…they did not expect to compete last year, this year was the one to build upon, & I believe ’12 is the year they expected to compete (Pujols expiring contract could make a large impact in the NL Central)

one could draw comparisons with this team w/ either the Rays or the Jays…

the front office does not want to affect the future of the organization (which looks very bright regardless of the outcome this season) w/ bad, poorly thought-out decisions like Cincinnati did in dismantling the ’99 season for Junior…the sahara of the 2000’s is still hard to overcome right now & it couldn’t of come at a worse time w/ the economy the way it is and has been…

It feels strange (in an unpleasant way) to find the Reds 2 games behind the Pirates this late in the year.

I don’t think you can judge the offense on the basis of Monday’s game in St. Louis. You were facing one of the elite pitchers of this generation. I know he hasn’t been sterling in the early going this year, but we all know that, just as Pujols will eventually be Pujols, so Carpenter will eventually be Carpenter. Recently, and emphatically yesterday, he was!
By the way, the Pirates are not the Pirates this year. Their success against the Reds is no fluke. Check out their pitching stats. Top to bottom, it’s the best in our division and while the offense is a bit off, there are players with top-notch impact like McCutchen.

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