Ohio Cup, Part Deux

Reds lineup vs. Indians

Lewis 7
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Stubbs 8
Renteria 6
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

*The Indians are missing Shin-Soo Choo, who is on the DL. Choo was hitting .500  (6-for-12) with four homers and seven RBIs lifetime vs. Arroyo. DH Travis Hafner will be reduced to pinch-hitting this weekend and he is a .538 hitter (7-for-13) vs. Arroyo with one homer.

*Lifetime vs. Cleveland, Arroyo is 5-3 with a 3.61 ERA in eight games, including seven starts.

*Against Indians starter Justin Masterson, Jay Bruce is 2-for-6 with a homer and Scott Rolen is 2-for-4 with a homer. In two career starts vs. the Reds, Masterson is 0-2 with a 6.94 ERA.

*The Reds expect sellouts tonight and tomorrow, which would be the seventh and eighth this season and 60th and 61st all-time at GABP.

*Four Triple-A Louisville players were named to the Triple-A All-Star game — C Devin Mesoraco, OF/1B Yonder Alonso, SS Zack Cozart and OF Jeremy Hermida.

*Louisville manager Rick Sweet was named a coach on the U.S. squad for the MLB All-Star Futures game on Sunday.


I tried to listen to the Reds game while driving home tonight. Tuned in as you were welcomed into the radio booth with the “Hall-of-Famer” Marty. I understand he thinks he’s clever and cute, but if I were you I would have told him what to do with his “Yes or No” answer speech. I know I’m in a minority, but I look so forward to him retiring. He needs to quit while he still has a decent reputation, or at least go to another ball club and take his negativity with him. I enjoy your insights, when you are allowed to speak!

So if the Reds loose the series in front of 3 SELL OUT Crowds.. is it still the fans fault they do nothing to fix the obvious needs on this team??? Or is the Front Office happy more for the Sellouts than winning the games? (Promoting Cozart and Sapplet to see if they are the answer to spark this Reds team that cant put more than 2 wins in a row together and keep spinning their wheels before making a eal)

Is it me or does anybody else see how poor and indecisive dusty baker and pitching coach price has been this year? I mean come on!!! Do they not listen to writers and other coaches around them,do they hear the little quite comments around the clubhouse about why dusty just sits around hanging his arm on the railing playing with his toothpick and price sitting on the bench looking for someone to scream at him to get his ass out there on the field without being told what to do? Doesn’t anyone in the front office or reporters ask the hard questions? what is wrong with you people? This man;(Dusty Baker),hasn’t a clue how to spark or put together a solid team together to make a run for it,especially which is now,since st.louis and brewers are doing poor. Someone needs to step up in the front office and confront this man,and make him think rationally. for one he needs to start taking pitchers out earlier,no matter what the cost of his mid relievers working to hard, this is baseball,deal with it. two, he needs to start making runners steal, he needs to start using the bunt more often. and three stop catering to bruce and votto,come on, they are playing poorly,take bruce out and start putting in people who want to win!!!! Heisy,gomes, they can play right field,it doesn’t take a genius to play that spot. sit people down and start putting people in that are hot,like heisy gomes, or bring a guy up like cozart or sapplet,to show them players they are expendable. Dusty needs to start acting like a manager and stop playing favortism toward players. we pay good money to watch are team win. we should be way ahead of the 500 mark.when we have close games,that’s when we need you dusty. think! think! think! man.

ha, wow, i hope the front office reads these, at least for early morning comic relief, thats what i read the comments for.

Usually, the quality of comments on this particular site are slightly more sophisticated than more popular.venues. Not the case today. The rant on Baker borders on the unstable. Certainly uninformed and betraying a complete lack of understanding of the game. However, I agree with the comments about Marty Brenneman. I haven’t liked him for his thirty-eight years in Cincinnati, but now he is just an utter embarrassment, and, unfortunately, enough of a troublemaker with his controversies that the rest of the country has come to know how ridiculous he is.

I know I obviously don’t agree with very much that you say Denny. But your last post was dead on.


Christ it’s been too long. curt I thought I liked ya. some people like Aaron and David who whine about Marty who simply speaks his mind and does so with a microphone.

Aaron although I agree the reds could be slightly more proactive, don’t forget that Baker and Walt have kinda done this before. if you need refreshers see their résumes.

so, sit down, shut up and enjoy the trade deadline.😉

I’m surprised – not a word about Bronson Arroyo’s homerun binge his last two starts. Is he hurt? Or is this just a bad spell? Can the Reds run him out every five days if they don’t know which it is? 24 cows given up with two more starts before the All-Star break! Yikes!

I don’t think Arroyo is hurt. I suspect he has never fully recovered from the mono he had in the spring. It tends to linger. And even if neither of these is the case, we’ve seen him endure struggling periods not unlike the present one and then suddenly and inexplicably come out of the doldrums and pitch as well as anyone for a couple of months. That’s what I’m hoping for. For now, patience.

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