Game 2

Reds Game 2 lineup vs. Yankees

Heisey 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Hernandez 2
Cairo 5
Janish 6
Cueto 1

Notes from Game 1, a 4-2 loss to NY.

*The Reds have scored 9 runs over their last 5 games with four losses on the home stand….and 10 runs over their last six home games.

*Joey Votto’s first inning walk was the lone free pass for the Reds today. They have 3 walks in 5 games.

*The Reds were 0-for-5 RISP today and are 2-for-27 on the home stand.


“You know when you’re not clicking offensively, you’re on thin ice when you know you can’t make one mistake”  — Reds manager Dusty Baker.


But we surely don’t need Cozart at SS or Alonso in LF. HHH! *ugh*

Young guys like Cozart will have to go elsewhere, play 5, 6 or 7 years and then they can come back and play for the Reds, because then they’ll be eligible to be among “Dusty’s guys…”

and No mention of FIRING the Batting coach!! Hmm the Rangers did and they were 4th in hitting, the Reds are sinking and NO URGENCY!! Was last year a fluke like 99?? no improvements where they are obvious to SMART baseball fans at SS and LF.!! A country club atmosphere and they didnt play that way last year. Guess losing doesnt matter! Wish BOB and Walt would pretend we are the Cardinals and do something!! AND the Cardinals didnt have 3 million fans when they were a loser.. So dont throw that attendence gargabe out there.. Reds go get Kemp and Reyes, that will sell tickets!! because watching a slow Renteria, and a non hitting Janish and Gomes doesnt excite me to think this team will be better than the Pirates once they pass the Reds in the standings!! ITS NOT EARLY.. its getting late!

Yes, I agree, it’s much later than most people think, but let’s be realistic. This is the second tiniest market in all of baseball. The revenue doesn’t exist to go get people like Kemp and Reyes. Even if they could absorb such contracts, they would seriously mortgage their future by giving up the young talent that teams like the Mets and Dodgers would surely demand. And most astute baseball people see a future with the young nucleus they presently have stockpiled. Hold on to that precious cargo. Remember: even the great team of the Seventies had periodic downyears like 1971 and 1977. It’s hard, but we must be patient. Homegrown talent is the only way a small market can hope to compete. Moreover, it isn’t attendance anymore that separates the men from the boys. The Cardinals generate tv revenue from a huge swath of the Midwest, much larger and more lucrative than Reds’ country, hemmed in by the Cub, Tiger, and Indian faithful to our north and Brave followers to our south. Jockety and the owner run an operation many steps off the pace run by St. Louis.

A down year? It’s not even halfway through the season guys. Calm down. If you can’t take the ups and downs of a season, then maybe you shouldn’t be baseball fans. Oh wait, that can’t be, let’s start firing people. Ha.

Curt of Athens, you are correct, sir! Everything before the All Star break is pre-season. However, when the team wins one like last night, I can’t tell if it’s the turn round at last, or a blind squirrel finding a nut.

I think, relative to expectations, that this is a down year with, to be sure, the potential to go either way. Utter disappointment is still a realistic option given the “rhythms” of the season’s first half. But egregiously inaccurate is your lumping my response in with the hyperbolic points of the ‘firing” maniac. A careful reading should have yielded the inescapable conclusion that I too was taking these kneejerk reactions to task…

Lost me at egregiously and hyperbolic.

What do you all think of the WAR stat?

For Curt: Not at all surprising. I don’t know for sure, but others seem to suggest that you have some sort of affiliation with OU, the great party school. Does anyone there read?

Curt – I got egregious and hyperbolic but you lost me at WAAR stat. Please elucidate, explicate, extrapolate and all like that there.

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