Cueto out, Wood in

There is an interesting development — Johnny Cueto, tonight’s originally scheduled starter, is not in the lineup posted by the club. It’s Travis Wood, who was supposed to go on Tuesday. The clubhouses aren’t open yet, so stand by for the reason.

Reds lineup vs. Yankees:

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Heisey 7
Hanigan 2
Janish 6
Wood 1

****update**** Cueto now scheduled to pitch on Tuesday. Reason not known yet. Stay tuned.

**UPDATE #2**** Cueto has a stiff neck.

 “My neck is sore,” Cueto said. “I’m probably pitching tomorrow, depends on how I feel when I throw today.

“When I throw, there’s a little pain.”

 “His neck has been bothering him the last few days, probably since the plane trip coming back,” manager Dusty Baker said. “Versus us waiting until the last minute and telling Woody to strap it on and let’s go, we decided to make the change and give both of them the opportunity. We actually made the change last night so we informed Woody. It’s his normal day today.”

*Before the game tonight, Jay Bruce will receive his NL Player of the Week and Player of the Month Award from May.

*1961-era Reds pitcher Jim O’Toole is the Reds’ honorary captain tonight. O’Toole’s club faced the Yankees in the ’61 World Series, won by New York.


Oh no. Hope Johnny is OK.

any word on Cueto?

I know this probably isn’t the place to post something like this but… My daughter, Kylie Richie, who will turn 22 on Wednesday the 22nd, believes that she has a “black cloud” over her head these days. She has been waiting for 14 years to see the Yankees play the Reds in Cincinnati on 6/21/11. Her Grandpa Richie, who she is extremely close to, bought her the 4-game ticket pack to see the games against the Cubs, Yankees, Cardinals, and Giants as a birthday gift. Well, Grandpa got very sick and was in the hospital for over a month and didn’t get out in time to go to the Cubs game with her. Then, her favorite player, Derek Jeter, went on the DL so he won’t be playing in tomorrow’s game. Grandpa got out of the hospital on 6/10 and he and she were so excited about going to the Yankees game together. Unfortunately, Grandpa Richie , died suddenly of a massive heart attack at home on Friday, 6/17. Kylie is devastated. She was the light of Grandpa’s life and he was her hero. He went to nearly every ball game she ever played. He taught her to bat when she was two. The first time he told her to “choke up”, she started coughing and he couldn’t stop laughing. Now, he’s gone but she’s still going to tomorrow’s game, Reds vs. Yankees, because he would not want her to miss it. Grandpa’s funeral is postponed until Thursday, 6/23, so that she can go to the game and so that he isn’t buried on her birthday. And now, today she learned that Albert Pujols is going on the DL with a fractured forearm so that she won’t see him play with the Cardinals vs. the Reds in July. Oh, and she has a broken foot from 3 weeks ago when fell on some uneven pavement. I don’t know how to cheer her up… unless Derek Jeter can find it in his heart to sit with her during tomorrow’s game. 🙂
Mindy Richie

Please accept my condolences about Grandpa Richie. I hope Kylie can still enjoy the game tomorrow.

Thanks, Mark. It looks like Kylie’s black cloud continues with tonight’s postponement… but she’ll be there tomorrow and try again! Go Reds!

I wonder if Renteria’s “history” against Rivera played a role in bringing him in to pinch hit for Ryan Hanigan in the ninth inning. If Baker says it was, could someone please ask him why he puts so much weight on at bats that took place six and fourteen years ago? Renteria has three career hits against Rivera. The two most recent were in 2005. The other was in 1997. Baker can’t possibly believe, after watching Edgar Renteria this year, that he is the same player he was six years ago? Just disgraceful managing.

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