West Coast winning…

Some quick stuff with day ball looming quick.

*The Reds are assured a winning West Coast trip with a 3-2 win over the Dodgers. That’s 2-for-2 here thus far and 4-2 on the trip with Wednesday left to play.

*Joey Votto frankly didn’t look good in his first two at-bats when he struck out on some nasty Clayton Kershaw curveballs. But he certainly came up big in the eighth with his RBI single off Scott Elbert. In previous meetings with Elbert, Votto was 0-for-2 with two Ks.

*Johnny Cueto has a 1.68 ERA this season and has yet to allow more than three runs in his eight starts.

*With 279 career wins for the Reds, Dusty Baker moved into the club’s all-time Top 10 in victories, bumping out John McNamara.

*Francisco Cordero notched save No. 14 in the ninth and No. 304 for his career. Now he’s 19th all time , tied with Jeff Montgomery.

*Jay Bruce came up sore after being thrown out at the plate in the fourth inning. His leg was crunched by the shin guard of catcher Rod Barajas blocking the plate. Stay tuned.

*Dusty Baker said Drew Stubbs was already slated for a day off on Wednesday before tonight’s game…Stubbs came up with three hits, including a big insurance run with his RBI single in the ninth.




“It’s very tough to do that on the west coast. Before I was called up, I think we had a half a decade since there was a winning west coast road trip. We had a good year last year and we did it once or twice. We’ve been really competitive, especially against two good teams. The Dodgers are a little underrated and the Giants are world series champs. To be able to split a series in San Francisco and then come here and win the first two and be able to say going home that we have a winning west coast trip is a big deal.” — Joey Votto

“He was dealing. He was electric tonight. He got some pretty good hitters out. When he left the game, he was throwing better than at any other time. But we had to get those runs. Fortunately for us, Cairo got on and we pushed across another run because he certainly deserved to win.” — Dusty Baker on Cueto

“He’s known for clutch. You don’t get to be the MVP not clutching up. A good hitter that doesn’t look well the first couple of at-bats, it makes him concentrate and want it even more. That was a big at-bat he’s had.” — Baker on Votto
“Every pitch was working good today. At the beginning of the game, I didn’t have the feeling of the baseball. When I got in trouble, I got off the mound, took a deep breath and concentrated. I kept the ball down.” — Johnny Cueto.

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The West Coast is where Reds’ pennant hopes go to die – not this time! Amidst fans’ angst, the Reds are winning some ballgames on the road. With one more and a day off at home, maybe today is a good time for us to consider what’s right with the Reds. I’ll start. Jay Bruce. If he could sustain his May / June through an entire season, we’re talking MVP. And Drew Stubbs. Maybe he’s not the beau ideal of leadoff hitters, but we’re not crying anymore. And Francisco Cordero. He’s being the closer we thought we’d lost forever last year. Your turn.

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