Bruce, Stubbs rested

Reds lineup vs. Dodgers

Heisey 8
Renteria 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Rolen 5
Gomes 7
Lewis 9
Hanigan 2
Wood 1

“A lot of changes today,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “We’re going with fresh bodies. We want to take advantage of two days off and take advantage of a five or six hour night everybody is working on.”

*Jay Bruce is not off as a result of the home plate contact he had with Rod Barajas last night. He is 2-for-20 on the road trip.

“I see him fouling off pitches now and slowing down a little bit from being so hot,” Baker said. “I remember Ted Williams said that most guys go into a little tailspin because they’re running the bases a lot.”

Bruce still had a whole bunch of scrapes on his right shin after getting the business end of Barajas’ shin guard.

“I’m fine. It didn’t feel great,” Bruce said. “If you’ve ever slipped a pedal on your bike into your shin, that’s what it was like. It hurt a lot in the beginning but it wears off.”

*Sam LeCure took the loss for Triple-A Louisville last night. Against Lehigh Valley, he pitched 1 2/3 innings and allowed one run and two hits with one walk and three strikeouts. That included a home run. In three rehab outings, LeCure has a 2.45 ERA over 3 2/3 innings.

*The Reds will be wearing 1944 throwback uniforms today. The Dodgers have throwback uni days any time they have a weekday matinee game. Cincinnati’s uniforms are the type that a 15-year old Joe Nuxhall wore when he debuted that season.

*Today is Baker’s 62nd birthday.


I’ll try to keep my comment/question pithy: What exactly does Dave Sappelt have to do to get called up? He hit over .550 in ST, and now over .360 in AAA. I understand he missed 40 games due to injury, but he has clearly not missed a beat since his return. I’m really happy to hear that LeCure is pitching well in his rehab, but why no mention of Sappelt going 5 for 5 last night? I guess I’m just looking for a compelling argument which justifies keeping him down.

“The Dodgers have throwback uni days any time they have a weekday matinee game.”

And people wonder how they’re losing so much money….

Heard they owe Manny Ramirez $8 million this month for not playing! Amazing. (Remember George Brett’s ‘lifetime’ contract – is KC still paying him?)

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