Rolen not in the lineup

Reds lineup vs. the Brewers

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Renteria 6
Lewis 7
Cairo 5
Hanigan 2
Leake 1

*Scott Rolen is in a 4-for-27 clip (.148) since May 25 and 9-for-50 (.180) since May 18. No word until we get to the clubhouse on if there’s a specific reason for the rest tonight.

**UPDATE: Talked to Rolen and this was a planned off day. Dusty Baker told him last night.

“He gave me the day off so we could put two full ones in a row – today and tomorrow,” Rolen said. “It doesn’t have to be a day game after a night game.”

Asked how he’s feeling at the plate lately as he’s struggled, Rolen know it isn’t how he wants to be.

“I’m kind of searching a little bit, obviously,” Rolen said. “I’m trying to figure it out, a never ending batting. I wish it were coming a little easier than it is right now.”

*More on Rolen later on

*Edgar Renteria gets another start. He is 4-for-10 (.400) lifetime with a homer vs. Brewers starter Shaun Marcum.

*Renteria also has six errors for the season. Paul Janish has four errors at shortstop and one at third base. Renteria’s E6 between the legs set an ominous tone in the four-run Milwaukee third inning last night. The stunner was that ball went between the wickets on Janish too in the ninth.


I’m convinced that Baker uses these “matchup” statistics as a pretext for playing Renteria, which has been his agenda since the day Renteria was signed to play for the Reds. I wonder if Baker takes into account that most of the hits in Renteria’s historical record occurred when Renteria was a much better hitter than he is now. Both Renteria and Marcum are totally different players now than they were on April 21, 2008, when Renteria had two of his four career hits against Marcum, including the home run. “When you review the historical matchup data, how much to you take into account how long ago some of the AB occurred, especially when there are so few AB in question to begin with?” Renteria was 0-for-2 with a K against Marcum earlier this year, on a day the Reds handled Marcum pretty well otherwise. Yet today, Renteria is our #5 hitter. That’s pretty astonishing. In last night’s game, we had one hand tied behind our back because of the way Baker decided to manage the bullpen. Today, another hand tied behind our back because we have a .200 hitter batting in the #5 spot for a ridiculous reason. At least it’s only the Brewers.

It has become rediculous how much playing time Dusty gives Renteria. He is not even servicable defensively, he is jsut bad. I was at a couple of the games in Philly last week, and couldn’t believe how week his throw was from short to first.

And to bat him 5th, that just doesn’t make any sense. Way to cut Bruce’s legs out from under him. I know the players love to play for Dusty and that probably transfers into some wins, but he sure does make some odd decisions that make it very frustrating to watch this team.

I agree with both of you on Rentaria. However, Janish has had 60 more AB’s than Rentaria. Usually, if you pay attention to it, a player who gets in because of his historical stats against a particuliar pitcher usually has an 0’ffer that day. As Baker & Jockitty told Janish he was the everyday/starting shortstop, then he should be in there unless he’s getting a day off. In the past two years Janish would set on the bench 10-15 games before he got in. At least Janish and his wife helped Dusty up 7 flights of stairs with his luggage, that should count for something.

I couldn’t agree more with these comments, but all the agonizing over historic performance and the like is completely unnecessary. Play Janish and bat him eighth and then leave him alone. He’s the best defensive player you have. Let him be. In case you haven’t noticed with all the wasted gyrations around pitcher move, the sparkling defense of earlier in the year is a bit tarnished of late. And. of course, there just might be a relationship between deteriorating defense on the one hand and deteriorating pitching on the other! You think?

I’m sure when Milwaukee’s manager is faced with the prospect of either pitching to Player of the Month, Jay Bruce, or the player who once, more than three years ago, got two hits off of Marcum, he will decide to pitch to Jay Bruce.

Milwaukee had to be laughing when they saw our lineup tonight. Renteria, batting fifth, after hitting .180 last month. I hope Renteria proves me very wrong for these rants, but either way, it’s not very good managing on our part.

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