Bruce batting 4th

Reds lineup vs. Brewers

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Gomes 7
Renteria 6
Hernandez 2
Reineke 1

*Some fans had been asking since last night and you get your wish. Jay Bruce is batting cleanup behind Joey Votto. In the short term, it should help both hitters get better pitches, and perhaps help the Reds score more runs. In the long term, it could help teams with lefty situational relievers get to face both batters without a manager making the extra pitching change.

*Against Brewers RHP Zach Greinke, Votto is 2-for-4 with two home runs. Jonny Gomes is 3-for-9 with two homers. Edgar Renteria is 6-for-19 (.316). Bruce is 0-for-4 with two strikeouts.

*UPDATE — And this just came down from MLB, Bruce was named NL Player of the Week. A portion of the press release is below:

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Jay Bruce has been named the National League Player of the Week for the period of May 23-29, 2011. The announcement was made earlier today on MLB Network. The Reds slugger led the Majors with 13 RBI and 25 total bases, and was tied for first with four home runs last week while hitting .353 (12-for-34) in seven games. His 12 hits ranked second among National Leaguers while his .735 slugging percentage was fifth and his six runs scored were sixth-best. The 24-year-old Texan had four multi-hit games on the week, including two three-hit performances.

**To make room for the call-up of starting RHP Chad Reineke, the Reds designated LHP Tom Cochran for assignment.


Couple things, Mark.

1) Votto and Bruce have actually been the 2 best players on the team at hitting lefties since the beginning of 2010.

2) The Brewers have no lefties in their pen, so that isn’t an issue, for tonight at least.

Hence why I said ‘long term’ on the LHP in pen. But you are right, Votto has always been good vs. LHP’s and Bruce has improved a lot over the past season-plus.

With a rookie pitcher going tonight, why, oh why is Dusty playing his second best ss when defense and pitching win games. I know he’s had some hits against this opposing pitcher but…his record hasn’t much helped him now that he’s a year older. Janish should be in and Renteria should be used as a pinch hitter. We’ll see how many balls get through the left side of the infield tonight, again/

I have to agree. Janish has slowly but surely been improving and I’m just not seeing any hope in the future for Renteria. Team Janish all the way.

Here’s a concern I have yet to hear anyone voice. With this flurry of pitcher moves, almost on a daily basis, aren’t we putting at risk the future stability of the organization. The moves require both 25-man and 40-man roster manipulations, which inevitably create two problems for down the road: namely, the loss of players to waivers (Herrara already with others exposed) and the profligate use of options which hamstring future flexibility. All of which might be justifiable if these stopgap measures had resulted in wins. They haven’t. Three and ten over the past two weeks is a disaster that might better have been absorbed without all the moves that will damage the future.

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