Frazier’s stay was brief

The Reds optioned IF/OF Todd Frazier to Triple-A Louisville and recalled RHP Carlos Fisher. Frazier, of course got the proverbial cup of coffee in the big leagues since he was only called up yesterday and struck out as a PH. 

After getting a total of 5 1/3 innings of starting pitching the last two games, the Reds bullpen worked 10 2/3 innings and is strapped for a fresh arm. It’s Fisher. Stay tuned for more when the clubhouse opens.

Frazier took the news well before he left the clubhouse.

“What are you going to do? There are some needs and they had to do what they had to do,” he said. “I got my feet wet and hopefully the next time I get the call, I will stay here longer.”


Why didnt they just call up Fisher yesterday, makes absolutely no sense to call up a guy for one day…

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Because yesterday they didn’t know Arroyo would last only 2 2/3 innings.

Told you this Frazier guy sucks. I know it’s a small sample size but he is batting a weak .000 lifetime as a major leaguer. Kidding of course.

Let’s hope Fisher never sees the field. Not because he isn’t good, but because we don’t want to use anyone but the starters, Masset, Bray, and Cordero for a week straight. Come on, one game at a time.


Ok, that was a little odd. Just got an order here at work. Contact name is Edgar Renteria and the building is on Hayter Road. Uh oh, looks like he has a new job already and he’s ticked. Make sure you tweet that Sheldon, ha.


Calm down. Frazier or Heisey or even Gomes have absolutely nothing to do with this club’s travails. As always, it is the pitching. And it’s worse than most people account for. It was worse a year ago than most people remember.and it showed up in the brief post=season. Even the casual Reds observer knows of the troubles of Volquez, Smith. and the early Masset. But even factorfing out those performances, take a look at the rest of the team’s pitching stats. They rank at or near the bottom of the league in every significant measure. Including the bullpen! Look around the league. Virtually every team has better results than the Reds, with the obvious exceptions of Houston and Chicago. To even be mentioned in the same breath with those clubs is a major problem. Yet I recently heard strategists giving advice to Baker say play for one run on the road because we have the superior bullpen. Really? And in Cleveland at the time. Why do we have this collective denial about the overall pitching? Mark Twain famously said that everything comes ten years late to Cincinnati. That’s about right. The steroids era of excessive scoring is over. We are headed back to 1968, for those of you old enough to remember or well-versed enough in the history of the game to know something to which I refer. And in this new era, what seemed okay pitching four or five years ago just fails to measure up today.

Without a doubt it’s the pitching!! So far it’s only Bailey with the occassional good outing from the others.

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