Volquez sent out

Quite a bevy of roster moves on this Monday.

Edinson Volquez and Jordan Smith were optioned to Triple A Louisville. Volquez was 3-2 with a 6.35 ERA this season and had a very poor outing in the 12-4 loss to Cleveland Sunday. He also popped off on the offense for its lack of production, but Dusty Baker said that didn’t come up in his meeting with Volquez. The two talked at length in the manager’s office, along with pitching coach Bryan Price.

Volquez was not available for comment in the clubhouse.

 “He took it like a man and took it to go down there and get himself right”  Baker said. “That’s why we’re doing it. It’s going to be hard for all the way to win if we don’t have a sharp Volquez. This is a temporary setback. Sometimes in this game, or in life period, you have to take a step back to go two or three steps forward. We just felt the time is now. We still have 3 ½ months to come back and be Volquez. There are a lot of ballgames left. You don’t want to do it any later. You don’t want his confidence down. You don’t want your team’s confidence down. You don’t want your bullpen over pitched. The time to do that was now.”

As for who will take the start in Volquez’s place on Friday vs. ATL, it’s TBA. Looks like it could be Chad Reineke or Mike Leake.  LHP Daniel Ray Herrera was claimed off waivers by the Brewers and sent to their AAA team. The Reds had moved him off the 40-man roster with hopes to add Dontrelle Willis. But Willis on the Louisville DL with a groin injury today.

“Bad timing for him and for us,” Baker said.

More to come on the MLB.com …. please check back

Called up from Triple-A Louisville — IF/OF Todd Frazier and LHP Matt Maloney.

Frazier, who is getting his first big league promotion, was one of the hottest players for Louisville. He was batting .293/.366/.579 with 11 home runs and 33 RBIs, including a .354 average with six homers this month. The supplemental first round pick in 2007 brings flexibility since he can play every infield position and both corner outfield spots. This season, Frazier has played 28 games at third base and nine games in left field.

Maloney had the misfortune of bailing out the bullpen three times in one week and getting sent out after a long relief stint in St. Louis on April 24. He was a starter for Louisville and was 2-1 with a 4.45 ERA in five starts. He allowed five walks and struck out 19.


Glad Volquez gone. He needs to go down, be a good teammate and get a hair cut..

Volquez is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet

I bet Gomes going down. Hate it for him.

Gomes better hope he gets sent down because there is another rumor that he might be straight out released. I don’t believe it, but I heard it.

Volquez’s been in the majors for parts of the last 7 seasons; doesn’t he have to consent to a minor league assignment?

i thought Gomes good teammate. Hate to say it, but I just don’t like Volquez. Am I reading him wrong? Any shot we shop him for trade?

People like Volquez in the clubhouse though. Some fans just don’t like him because he is a smiler and a laugher and we think he should take it more seriously. Phillips rubs us the wrong way when he laughs at mistakes too. Can’t trade Volquez now, wouldn’t get anything for him.

Thx.. CurtOU. Good insight.

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I don’t see Volquez being traded. The rap would be he hasn’t come back from the surgery and the Reds wouldn’t get much in return. I think his problems are from the neck-up.

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