Frazier called up?

Hello from my blog’s Detroit bureau, where I just boarded my connection to Philadelphia.

CAA Sports, the agency representing Todd Frazier, sent out a tweet to congratulate him on his promotion from Triple A Louisville.

The Reds have not announced a roster move but I will keep you posted after I land.


Hopefully, he is now the starting Left Fielder!!!

What position(s) has Frazier been playing in L-ville? This is interesting.

Has to be for Gomes, just has to be. Doesn’t make him the starter, no way, but he’ll be a good pinch hitter.

Kid was absolutely raking in AAA, I would think he isnt coming up to sit the bench and likely playing a lot in LF if he does well. I think Frazier was playing 2B, 3B and LF at AAA or can play those positions…

Frazier plays LF/3B. In that order. LF is totally is best position, but he is pretty good at 3B as well.

While it would be nice to see Gomes get cut–at least based on his performance on the field–I’m sure it’s Volquez being sent down. There might be other moves too–Jordan Smith is not helping anything–I think that this is about adding a bat for the next four days until a new starter is needed. And I hope that starter is either Willis or even Reineke (sp?), and not someone who’s not worked out well in the past (read Maloney, Leake, LeCure). Let’s leave LeCure in the pen where he’s been outstanding…and he seems to like it better there.

Rumor has it that both Frazier and Matt Maloney have checked into the hotel in Philly.

Additionally, Daniel Ray Herrara has been picked up off waivers which clears a spot on the 40 man roster.

Alot of movement, going on. Would not be shocked to find out that a trade is in the works.

Additionally from the rumor mill, Milwaulke picked up Herrara and Renteria left after yesterday’s game and was not seen wearing the mandatory sports coat for travel.

Wow! That’s a lot of rumors!

Best of luck to Frazier and Maloney…great guys down at AAA Louisville!!!

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