Gomes batting 2nd

Not surprisingly, I’ve gotten some feedback, rather immediately, about the lineup and Jonny Gomes batting second as the DH.

Gomes doesn’t have much of a track record batting second, but it’s not a good one. He’s batting .172 (5-for-29) in 11 games there, including five starts, over his career.

“That’s the best lineup I could come up with. Hopefully it will get him going the way it got Jay Bruce going,” manager Dusty Baker said.

Bruce batted second from April 25-May 1. Since May 2, he has batted .291 (16-for-55) with five homers and 13 RBIs. The Reds would certainly take those numbers with a smile for Gomes, who entered the day batting .188.

Will Gomes get better pitches, especially after Drew Stubbs reaches base and with Joey Votto on deck?

“Maybe,” Baker said. “You still have to swing at strikes. I remember in the past I put Glenallen Hill in front of Barry [Bonds] and they were still throwing him balls and he was still swinging at balls.”

Does Gomes think it will help him?

“Maybe hitting in front of Joey will but not hitting in the two-hole,” Gomes said. “You only hit in the two-hole the top of the first inning and then that’s it. I’ve never hit in front of him. I’ve hit behind him a number of times. So, we’ll see.”

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