Cinco de Makeup game

Reds lineup vs Astros

Heisey 8
Renteria 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Hanigan 2
Janish 5
Bailey 1

*The Reds optioned RHP Jordan Smith to Triple-A Louisville to make room for the activation of Homer Bailey. Smith was heavily used over the past month when starters had short outing. He had a 5.29 ERA over 14 games.

“It happens. He pitched a lot,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “There’s still a few things he needs to improve on. But he’s close, real close. He’s close to staying here for a long time. He has the right attitude about pitching. He hates to give it up. He has that reliever mentality that you like to see.”

*Scott Rolen has not resumed swinging or baseball activity but is still getting better. Because of the limited work space at Wrigley Field, Rolen will remain here this weekend but could meet the team in Houston, maybe.

*Miguel Cairo has a sore right knee and is still out. He’s planning in resting it today with full BP, groundballs and running. He took it quite slow running up the line as a pinch hitter Wednesday.

“It was cold. I didn’t want to aggravate it,” Cairo said. “Scotty is on the DL. Francisco is on the DL. I don’t want to go on the DL.”


Cinco de Makeup is really funny.

Renteria at short again? Ugh. Does Hanigan usually catch Bailey? Seems like Hernandez gets a whole lot of days off, too many if you ask me.

For your Thursday morning blues…Reds April Review and May Preview…

Mark, if you’re allowed to guess, what’s your guess as to who goes on Sunday make room for Cueto?

If you don’t mind me guessing, I would say it will be Fisher or LeCure. Both have pitched well at times, but Fisher probably is more expendable right now and they were working LeCure as a reliever this spring, so I see him staying in the pen.

Hannigan again? I definately agree with CurtOU. More Hernandez, less Hanny. Krusty doesn’t know that he is batting a whole .211. Another one of Faker’s favorites obviously. Let’s see, Ramon is batting .310, is better defensively than Hannigan and is throwing attempted steals out left and right. Hanny is terrible behind the plate and couldn’t hit a beach ball with a tennis racket. Yeah Krusty, good idea to start Hannigan. Mr. Nobody Gomer Pyle in left again. BIG SURPRISE. 15 and 16 after today fans. See ya in the basement Reds.

Haha, wow, some “fans”…..

Mooky. I don’t like you. #1. Did you not see Hanigan last year? He can hit. (See game on 5-5-11).
#2. He’s better defensively than Ramon. End of story. He’s throw to second hasn’t changed in speed or accuracy so what’s different? Uh the pitcher then and his delivery.
#3 Gomes is at. 350 on base and has 17 Rbi tying him with Votto.
now, are you a fan or just a whiner who doesn’t watch games just knows whose struggling so they need to sit?

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