Lewis here

Reds lineup vs. Astros

Stubbs 8
Heisey 7
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Hanigan 2
Janish 6
Valaika 5
Wood 1

*OF Fred Lewis was activated from his rehab assignment at Triple-A Louisville. OF Jeremy Hermida was optioned to Louisville to make room for Lewis. Hermida was 2-for-18 in 10 games with the Reds.

Lewis played 15 games during his rehab assignment while trying to come back from an oblique injury. After seven games Double-A Carolina, he played eight games for Louisville and batted .300, (6-for-20) with 1 HR, 3 RBIs 8 walks, 5k, 1sb,  6 R).

“I got to Louisville and everything was pretty much healed,” Lewis said. “I pretty much felt 100 percent. I’m just ready to get the ball moving. It was a long process. But I’m happy I got some at-bats and stuff and get back game ready.”

Lewis’ 20-day rehab assignment expired on Tuesday, so a move had to be made to get him back.

“It was a baseball decision and a business decision,” Dusty Baker said. “Hermida had options and Fred had no options.”

*Miguel Cairo is bothered by a sore leg and hasn’t played since Saturday. Dusty Baker believed Cairo was possible for Thursday. Cairo is available to pinch-hit or enter in a double switch if need be today.

*Jonny Gomes is really struggling to find a spark lately. In 14 games since April 17, Gomes is 5-for-47 (.106).


Fred Lewis up. Jeremy Hermida down.

The Reds combined outfield is batting a shameful [171]. It is time for Gomes to sit and give Heisey a fair chance not just one start. Hopefully Lewis can add some spark.

This team is complete crud so far this year and all the comparisons to 2010 as a benchmark are wack.

I don’t hate Gomes, but he is what he is. That big month last year just spoiled fans and got him a fresh bandwagon to drive around. Makes you wonder why everyone wanted to run Dunn out of town huh? I would love to have him out there more than Gomes, obviously not for the money Dunn would need but he would be more productive.

Anybody listening to the game on WLW? Sounds like they’re 150 people at the stadium – 130 of them 9-year-olds!

Lol. Nice Max. I went a double header a couple years ago. Start of game 1: 231 people. Awesome. Could hear WLW from party deck. I was in right field.

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