Reds lose, Cueto to pitch Sun.

It looks like changes are afoot to the rotation. Dusty Baker revealed tonight that Johnny Cueto will be activated to pitch on Sunday vs. the Cubs. He will replace Mike Leake.

That decision appeared to have been made before Leake was roughed up for seven runs over 3 2/3 innings for a 10-4 Reds loss to the last-place Astros

“We’ll probably move him to the bullpen,” Baker said. “We were trying to do that anyway. Remember, coming out of Spring Training, he was going to be the long man. He performed well in those other guys absence. Tonight was the first time he got whacked around in a while. You can’t exactly pick your nights when you get whacked around.”

“I’m ready. I’m pretty happy. I feel good,” said Cueto, who has been out since Spring Training with right biceps/triceps irritation.

Cueto was originally slated to get another rehab start at Class A Dayton Friday, but that has obviously been changed.

The rotation has a 5.56 ERA for the season and entered the night ranked 15th out of 16 NL teams. Before Cueto comes back, Homer Bailey returns on Thursday.


*The Reds are under .500 for the first time this season at 14-15. It’s the first time they’ve been sub-.500 since 5/7/10.

*Since starting the season 5-0, the Reds are 3-9 in their last 12 home games.

*Joey Votto extended his reach safely streak to all 29 games this season by going 2-for-4 with a first-inning double and fourth inning single. His latter two at-bats brought two outs on a total of two pitches. Votto made the third out in the fifth on a fly ball to center field with runners on first and second. In the seventh with runners on the corners and two outs, he popped a first pitch to second base.

*That pop out was Votto’s first of this season and according to, it was his first since he had two in 2009. He was also caught stealing second base in the fourth inning when his team was down 7-1.

“That wasn’t trying to do too much,” Baker said of the caught stealing. He thought he had a good jump and I green light certain guys who think they can get a good jump. It looks bad when you get thrown out, but sometimes you try to slow-walk a team by inching them back. It’s not like we had a whole bunch of offense going against Happ in the first place.”

*Incredible play by 2B Brandon Phillips…he made a third inning barehanded stop on Jason Burgeois and flipped the ball to first base between his legs for the out while on the move.

*Did anyone watch the Jonny Gomes piece on ESPN’s E:60 tonight? If so, how was it? Anything we didn’t already know before?


“That inning, I was leaving the ball over the middle and not getting ahead. I was getting 2-0 counts quite a bit. I just wasn’t attacking, getting ahead.” — Mike Leake on his fourth inning.

“I know I sound like a broken record, you just hate to keep going to your bullpen so early. It destroys you, but the bullpen is in decent shape. We had some guys give us some innings in there just to save us for tomorrow and the ensuing days.” — Dusty Baker


Can anyone remember Gomes’ last hit? He looks lost and frustrated at the plate. I don’t know anything; I get that, but does it make sense to move Leake to the bullpen as the long man? I would have thought the idea of the two new pitchers in the rotation was not to need to use the long man. If the Reds are successful, Leake will scarcely ever pitch, and that doesn’t seem like the best thing for him or the team. They’re not making a fetish of him being only the xth player to never have played in the minors, are they? Once a week or so, Brandon Phillips shows you something in the field you’ve never seen before. Is This Week in Baseball still on? He’d be highlighted every week!

I love Phillips, I have his jersey and I love the way he plays. But at the same time he aggravates me. He didn’t need to throw that between his legs, he could have scooped it underhand over there. And then last Saturday he easily could have stopped and thrown that guy out at first instead of doing the one handed push jump throw thing. I think it’s funny and I’m not ripping on him, but sometimes I just think, CMON MAN!! Gomes doesn’t get hits, I don’t know what you are talking about. The only bright side lately is that we have been down by so much that I don’t get overly mad like I do when we blow close games. 7 out of 10 run starts today. Cmon, it’s about time.

And to comment on your Leake thing. I hear ya, but you need to have a long man. You hope to not use him, but you have to have someone there. Whether it be in a getting blown out situation or in a situation where you have a lot of extra innings. He’ll get his work in on the side, he just needs to hit his spots so getting use to striking out AAA guys really wouldn’t help him. He needs to learn the major leaguers and know how to pitch to them like Arroyo does, he has to be a step ahead of them. I like him staying up here and just learning.

Oh, and I don’t know anything either, ha.

Trade Jonny. Check his career stats. He is a 257 hitter. That is not good enough for a corner outfielder with no arm.

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