Leake pleads guilty to lesser charge

Reds pitcher Mike Leake pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser charge of unauthorized use of property – a fourth degree misdemeanor — stemming from his April 18 arrest on accusations of shoplifting six shirts valued at $59 from the downtown Macy’s.

Leake was accepted into court sponsored diversion program. If he completes 30 hrs of community service and counseling, his case to be dismissed. The deal was agreed to by prosecutors, Leake’s attorneys, Leake and Macy’s.

This afternoon, Leake held a press conference in the Reds dugout. He offered apologies to the Reds, the Castellini family, the front office and his teammates.
“I sincerely apologize to them for putting all this pressure on them and the drama I caused,” Leake said.

Leake then told his side of the story.

“On April 2, I went into purchase six shirts and they did not fit – wrong size. I proceeded to go to Macy’s and exchange them on my own instead of talking to the clerk. I set the six shirts down and got the correct sizes myself, walked out and they stopped me. I realize how boneheaded of a move that was. It was very wrong and I sincerely apologize.

“It was a serious lapse in judgment. For that, I  will be willing to do anything I have to do.”

There is much more. Go to MLB.com/Reds.com later for the full story.


Zero chance this is the true story. First, if he really had returned the six shirts, why not just explain that to Macy’s at the time, show them where he set them down. He wouldn’t have originally been charged with “theft” if that’s the case. Second, if everyone, Macy’s and the police *really* believe this was an honest mistake on his part, why follow through with ANY criminal charges? Answer: because those parties involved have agreed to this revised story as part of the plea deal. Not because it’s true, but because they are cutting Leake a break. Maybe he deserves that. BUT he now just went before his fans and the media and lied, if I’m right. To me, that’s worse than the shoplifting. I don’t think we’ve heard the truth, but I doubt anyone will follow up the loose, illogical ends to dig further. Notice the one question he wouldn’t answer today – did you explain this to the store at the time? Why not comment on that today like everything else?

Absolutely agree. That was the fishiest answer ever. Plus, in the original story it was alleged that he, Leake himself, cut the tags off in the store.

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