Just the quotes…

Here is a plethora of quotes coming after the Reds hard-fought 7-6 win over the Brewers in 10 innings:

“We fought hard for it. They fought hard for it. You know they’re not going to quit, especially with the offense they have. We’re not going to quit with the offense we have. We’re pretty evenly matched. That was a good game to win.” — Dusty Baker

“If that ball had stayed in the ballpark, I might have had to hang them up. I hit that one pretty well. The only thing that made me question it was the way he went after it to make a play on it. As soon as I hit it, I thought it was gone.” — Drew Stubbs on his game-winning homer in the 10th.

“I can’t complain. I’ve been throwing strikes. I’ve been pitching this year. It’s a little bit different than last year — sometimes I didn’t know where the ball was going. This year, I’m throwing more strikes and getting people out. I feel good about myself and the thing I’m doing.” — Francisco Cordero, who is 4-for-4 in save chances this season.

“It’s tough, but you know that if you put it in play, anything can happen. Obviously, that’s why they brought him in, because they needed strikeouts at the time. Once he hit Rickie [Weeks], I felt pretty good, and then all of a sudden he was throwing strikes.” — Brewers manager Ron Roenicke on facing Aroldis Chapman in the eighth

“Yeah, he went two innings, which he usually doesn’t go. Fortunately for us, he was throwing quality strikes and getting quality hitters out. You never want to face Rickie Weeks. You’re not in a hurry to face Prince. You’re not in a hurry to face — certainly with the bases loaded – Ryan Braun. And with their clutch man, McGehee, they have some guys that can hit and hit in the clutch.” — Baker when asked if Chapman had his best outing as a Major Leaguer today.

“I keep saying it and I’m going to say it again, that’s just unbelievable. I’m real glad that I’m here and get to see that and enjoy it.” — Cordero on Chapman

“After coming away with the series loss at the Cardinals, it was a big bounce back for us to complete the road trip at .500. It’s good considering the fact we started off a little slow. Anytime you can win divisional series against an opponent like the Brewers, it’s a huge plus. Hopefully we can carry that momentum into the next series.” — Stubbs


Something I noticed yesterday: when the Reds win, the game’s a pleasant way to while away a few (four!) hours. When they lose, no matter how quick the game, it’s a colossal waste of my precious time that I’ll never get back. Anybody notice that Cordero’s pretty good this year? No screaming for his head? Also, am I right in thinking the catching tandem’s not been very productive at the plate to date?

All true Max. I believe this is cordero’s option year. He lost weight to gain money. Plus he’s been coming right at hitters.
As for the catching tandem, seems like hanigan is not getting good pitches.
I’m going Saturday. Volquez vs. Johnson. Wow.

JK, Saturday is also Joey Votto MVP bobblehead night, I believe! You should have dry weather. Good times! Enjoy!

Oh I know it’s joey votto bobble head night that’s why I’m going. Thinking of bringing a vote votto a lotto sign too. all star voting starts this friday. Votto and Phillips, cordero.

Those three sound about right. Did I hear right, your Twins dropped two yesterday? They’re going to have to pull a Rockies to get back in it this year.

Twins aren’t hitting, or pitching. And mauer is on the dl. They’re in big trouble. But it doesn’t matter as Cincinnati is going to win it all! Ok maybe not. I’d be happy with some playoff wins.

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