Reds have .500 record

There will no doubt be hemming and hawing throughout Greater Cincinnati tonight. After the uber hot start, the Reds are suddenly 9-9. A 3-1 loss gave them four-straight losses and a 1-5 homestand.

Some things I looked at for my postgame story:

*Through 18 games last season, they were 7-11.

*Through 30 games last season, they were 15-15.

I’m usually pretty pragmatic about winning and losing skids. At the moment, obviously, this team is not getting it done. But maybe it’ll be OK to keep the glass sealed over the panic button a little while longer.


*Joey Votto went 2-for-4 with a RBI double to keep his reach safely streak to all 18 games.

*Ryan Hanigan snapped a 0-for-12 streak with his one-out single in the fifth inning.

*Bronson Arroyo threw first pitch strikes to 20 of the 25 batters he faced. He retired 15 in a row at one point, with eight of them strikeouts. Arroyo did give up a run in the first inning, which has become all too familiar lately for this rotation.

*The Reds have been outscored 22-12 in the first inning this season. The 22 runs allowed leads MLB.

*Aroldis Chapman hit 100 a couple of times during 1 2/3 scoreless innings. He had two walks — one with two outs in the seventh and the other with two outs in the eighth.


“You don’t like where you are. It adds to sleepless nights when you’re losing but the reality of it all, our best days haven’t even gotten here yet as a team. As long we don’t listen to people, as long as we don’t panic, and we continue to work hard, things are going to be great. I’m as positive now as I ever was. I’m not as happy as I was. Our start spoiled people. It spoiled us. It spoiled everybody.” — Dusty Baker.

“You think about the first series of the year against Houston and what those guys were feeling like when everything was going our way, all the big hits at the right time and making all the pitches when you needed to. It’s such a long season and that’s the ebb and flow of the game. That’s why you cherish every win you get in the game. There are times when they come easy and seems like they’re just going to keep coming. You know eventually you’re going to go down the other side of the mountain. Those are the times you have to come to the ballpark and try to simplify things.” — Bronson Arroyo


No panic button, but the shine is off my confidence in this team. They don’t seem to be playing well in any part of the game: fielding’s been so-so, pitching’s been not-so-good, hitting isn’t timely, baserunning’s spotty. And this has been a relatively easy schedule segment, but that’s done, with the Cards and Brewers coming up, on the road.

All true Max. Although it could be worse. See the Minnesota twins my AL team.

i tried to sum it up, if you need some reading material. just a blog I have, helps pass the time.


JK, how’d you wind up with the Twins? I couldnever roo for them, for this reason: grew up in D.C. and my first team, the Senators were perennially awful they moved to Minn. and won the world series two years later. Gack! Anyway, I’d switch to the Indians, if I were you, and claim you;’re just keeping it in the state. Meanwhile, Curtis, I read your blog and enjoyed it. Almost as much as I think I’d enjoy your tral itinerary! Anyway, the important thing is that the Reds do something, anything, different today. Go Reds, go Leake! (Think we could make some money selling shirts with his picture on it and ‘My buddy went to Macy’s and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’?)

Twins- best friend.
I think we’d make some money then be sued. Still I really want a shirt. You make they shirt I’ll buy it. $20.

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