West Coast trip finale

Reds lineup vs. Padres

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Gomes 7
Francisco 5
Heisey 9
Hernandez 2
Janish 6
Wood 1

*Bruce is not in the lineup after he drew two walks and hit a single. He scored two runs. But he’s struggled overall in the early going with a .220 average and .267 OBP. Those two walks gave him a total of three for the season. He has zero homers.

***UPDATE — Bruce tweaked his right groin running past second base and holding up in the fifth inning on that throwing error by the pitcher. Both Dusty Baker and Bruce said he’s available to play today.

*Ryan Hanigan is not catching today because he caught 11 innings last night. Baker plans on having Hanigan catch on Friday as usual for Bronson Arroyo.

*I got a few questions last night about LHP Aroldis Chapman’s lowered velocity — he topped out at 98 mph, and that was his last pitch. Baker was not concerned and there is no issue.

“He was throwing some fastballs but you don’t have the same fastball every day,” Baker said. “You don’t have the same nothing every day. You don’t have to same bat speed. You don’t have the same leg speed. You don’t write as fast, right? There’s nothing to be alarmed about.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to say about him. People want to see him every day. He had gone three out of four days. If he goes two innings last night, he’d be even worse the second inning. Then we wouldn’t have him today at all and there’s a good chance the one off day wouldn’t help that much…Some days you can throw. But some days you’re going to have to pitch. Everybody is concerned about his velocity. I even saw an umpire last night turn around and look at the scoreboard. That’s a first for me. I know he wasn’t looking at the out of town scores.”


Oh boy. The last time Bruce ‘tweaked’ something he missed about 3 and 1/2 weeks. Is this guy a china doll or what?

China dolls don’t pull muscles. Coach Lou Brown said that even tough guys get strains, sore arms, or muscle pulls.

This is now Thursday a.m. Brandon Philliups is getting nicked up – the death of a thousand cuts. The Reds need to hope his little injuries don’t accumulate into a big one. Watching that game yesterday – how many runs would the Reds pitchers give up without that great defense behind them? Maybe Phillips should get the Rolen treatment – lots of days off – to keep him healthy.

You always hope nothing goes wrong with your players, but Chapman is a special case. I’m glad Ramon chewed him out. Hopefully it isn’t anything serious.

And dear God, Dusty does NOT need to give Phillips the Rolen treatment and give him lots of off days.😛 You don’t rest one of your best players for a lot of days. Injuries happen all the time, specifically the ones that last just a few days or a week. The season is long, everyone is bound to get bumps and bruises somewhere along the way.

But what was up with Chapman? Was he hurt? Or just bad? Chewed out for not admitting he’s hurt? Or for the throwing error? The TV broadcast was not illuminating.

We looking at a rainout tonight?

252 p.m. Dark clouds are gathering!

no dark clouds here in tampa. just sun and humidity. too freaking hot and it’s only mid april.

A question about Sunday’s game: Dusty made an unusual double switch, putting the pitcher in the catcher’s spot. Who’s the emergency catcher (if something had happened to Hannigan

They have said in the past that the emergency catcher would be Janish. That would be pretty funny really. Reds need three of the next four, for sure.

No argument. Tough games coming up after Arizona

So who do you think gets more vacation time? The average man, or Mark Sheldon?

Teachers or Mark Sheldon? Ha.

Wasn’t a vacation. Gotta see my family sometime dude.

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