Lineup, FS Ohio statement

Reds lineup vs. Astros

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Heisey 7
Hernandez 2
Janish 6
Volquez 1

*This is the first game Jonny Gomes hasn’t started after four in a row.

*The last time Astros starter Nelson Figueroa faced the Reds on 9/29/10 (the day after the Reds clinched the NL Central), he worked 6 2/3 scoreless innings. However, the Reds didn’t run out their ‘A’ lineup for that game.

*Got a few inquiries about the four ill-timed commercial breaks during last night’s game on television. Here is a press statement from Fox Sports Ohio:

During the Cincinnati Reds telecast last night, advertisements interrupted game action for some viewers. This issue occurred only for Time Warner Cable customers, as Time Warner experienced a technical issue. 
Time Warner ensures us that steps are being taken so that this does not occur again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Didn’t see those issues. Had to watch the Astros broadcast on Extra Innings. They weren’t very impressed with their team. This might be the best lineup the Reds can put out there. 5-0 anyone?

Went to Opening Night, last Saturday, with my 2 kids. Parking, 3 tickets, 3 cheddarwursts, 2 Cokes, 1 draft beer, 1 small bag of peanuts, 1 box of candy > $125.00 and 2 of the tickets were free. What did get in the way of my HD experience atthe ball park were the 250 or more trips that vendors made up & down the aisle between Sections 128 & 129 hawking the overpriced goods.

I want to watch the Reds in HD. In baseball, you cannot see the flight of the ball, the expressions of the players, rain or if it’s falling, and so much more. Any sports broadcast in SD is inexcusable, much less a professional team’s.

A professional team’s HD broadcast being pre-empted by another team’s from 100 or 250 miles away is also inexcusable.

FSNOH is pathetic, but the Reds are to answer for entering into multi-year contracts with this pathetic company.

Call the Reds (513-765-7000) and the woman answering the phone will argue with you. She’ll tell you that the Reds have NEVER received a complaint about FSNOH, ONLY raving compliments. She’ll tell you that it’s reasonable that 5 games will be broadcast in SD, since FSNOH doesn’t have enough cameras on certain dates. She will disagree with you that FSNOH’s not having enough cameras on those dates is amateurish. She will tell you that she has DirecTV and incorrectly inform you that the Reds’ HD telecasts are never pre-empted by the Cav’s & Blue Jackets’.

I don’t know to whom she is married and what job her spouse likely holds with FSNOH, but she is clearly out-of-touch with everyone commenting here:

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