Hanigan big in sweep

 It’s hardly the time to start declaring the NL Central as belonging to the Reds again, but the 3-0start to the season with a sweep of the Brewers was still impressive. Sunday’s 12-3 pounding of Milwaukee featured 19 hits and four home runs.

Some highlights:

*Every member of the starting lineup notched at least one hit.

*Ryan Hanigan set career highs with four hits (4-for-4, walk) and two home runs.

*Brandon Phillips had three hits and a homer.

*Bronson Arroyo pitched seven strong innings despite all six of his hits being for extra bases. Hestayed out of big innings and the two homers against him were solo shots. Impressive day especially when you factor in his having mono.

*Aroldis Chapman was firing bullets (or Cuban missiles) during his 2011 debut in the ninth. Chapmanregular topped 100 mph during his 1-2-3 inning, with one strikeout. The fastest he hit on MLB.com’s gameday screen was 102.


*Drew Stubbs’ infield hit gave him an 11-game hitting streak going back to Sept. 24 of last season.

*Phillips had 16 three-hit games last season.

*The Reds have not opened the season with a three-game sweep since doing it to the Mets in 2005. The last 4-0 start to a season was in 1990 — the world championship season.

*The Reds had 19 hits twice in 2010 (5/28 vs. HOU and 7/27 at MIL)

*CIN has eight home runs from seven different players in the three games.


“We beat a very good ball club. It was close for a while and our offense took over. It was just a big weekend. Any time you start the season 3-0 against a team you know is going to be there at the end, that’s always a big boost for you.” — Dusty Baker

“I battled out there today. Those guys, the hits they did get, they hit real hard. I had good command and I had decent stuff. The wind was a little funny blowing at the back a little bit. It was kind of hard at times to make the ball move a little bit.” — Bronson Arroyo

“Since Monie [Ramon Hernandez] had the walk-off home run, the momentum has been in our favor. We kind of rode that high for the last couple of games. The Brewers have a great team. They’re going to be in the mix. They have a great offense, great pitching. It was just our weekend.” — Ryan Hanigan

“We have a very good team. When Cincinnati’s good, obviously they’re a great team. But you can come across anybody and when they’re locked-in for three games, you can get beat in three games. If we’re not on top of our game against a club like this, they’re going to beat us. But I think that, in all three areas, we’re going to be good. In all of the phases of the game, we weren’t good in this series.” — Brewers manager Ron Roenicke

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Great win by the Redlegs. I love seeing them get off to a fast start.

Fun fact of the day. The reds won world series titles in 1919, 1940, 1975, 1976 and 1990. In all 5 of those seasons…they started out 3-0. One of those things that makes you go “hmmmmm”.

I got a strange feeling yesterday. It was like the Reds are in the middle of an 18-month-long season. It’s the same lineup as last year (except for Edgar), the same pitchers, the same results. I’m glad Walt didn’t tear up the team to add a splashy piece here or there (like the year we got Junior). One thing stuck out to me watching this series – the difference between okay defense and terrific defense. It doesn’t just show in errors, but also in the decisions made well or poorly and balls not got to and plays not made. The Brewers are okay, the Reds are terrific. Now, what’s the pitching rotation against Houston and Arizona?


I believe the rotation will be skipping the #5 guy, Lecure, due to the days off. It should be Leake, Volquez, then Wood. Plus Lecure pitched opening day, and I’d rather have Wood pitch anyways, if he’s on normal rest.

I may be missing it, but where did the link to your blog go on the Reds website?

Unfortunately, the front page link to my blog was not included in the re-design of the web site. I’m hoping it will be rectified.

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