Great day for ball??

Here is your Reds tentative Opening Day lineup for Thursday.

6 Drew Stubbs, cf
4 Brandon Phillips, 2b
19 Joey Votto, 1b
27 Scott Rolen, 3b
32 Jay Bruce, rf
31 Jonny Gomes, lf
55 Ramon Hernandez, c
6 Paul Janish, ss
36 Edinson Volquez, rhp

 This is the kind of weather that can fade an Arizona tan rather quick. It will be hard to tell from the pictures, but it’s currently snowing and sleeting at Great American Ball Park and temperatures are about 35 degrees.

The view from the home dugout

The teams worked out today but neither the Brewers, nor Reds hit on the field. The high temperature forecasted for Thursday is 48 degrees and cloudy.

“[Miguel] Cairo’s favorite saying is ‘it’s all mental,'” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “When you get hit by a pitch, it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, it really is cold. Or it hurts.  You have to foolyourself. They have to deal with the elements too, you know?”

“One thing I’ve learned about Ohio. I don’t really believe [the weather] until I’ve talked to Marty.He swears he is the weather man.”

Marty, of course, is Marty Brennaman — the dean of Cincinnati weather forecasters.

The always intrepid Seg Dennison of WLW is prepared for any weather.

Some Opening Day preview links:

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The workout on the field didn’t last long, mostly playing catch.

Aroldis Chapman signs autographs after a brief workout on the field at GABP (courtesy Michael Anderson/Reds)


I like the Reds this year to repeat as division champs. Should I worry about the Cubs?

It is astonishing how Baker completely nullified Walt Jocketty’s off-season moves during spring training.

First, Jocketty signs Fred Lewis and announces that Lewis is a candidate to lead off and platoon in LF with Gomes. Baker says right away that the platoon isn’t happening (remember his rant about how Gomes is going to play because his wife had twins or something). And just to assure there was no way Lewis could force Baker to accept Jocketty’s plan through his on field performance, Baker gave Lewis virtually no opportunity to lead off or play LF in the spring.

Second, Jocketty signs Edgar Renteria and announces that Renteria will back up across the infield. He says ER will take ground balls at first base and third base. Baker virtually immediately announces that Renteria can’t play 3B because that requires quicker reflexes (just ask Cal Ripken and ARod, two famous failures switching from SS to 3B) and also doesn’t have Renteria even try out at 1B. Baker is clearly preparing Renteria to play many games at SS by default as it will be the only position on the team where Renteria has had sufficient practice.

Those were Jocketty’s two big off-season moves and they never got off the ground as intended because of the way Dusty Baker managed the team in spring training.

When you hear about other organizations where the GM and Manager are “on the same page” or “in sync” I think it’s safe to say that isn’t the case in Cincinnati.

What’s your take on that, Mark?

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