Willis and Hermida cut

A little breaking news for you…

LHP Dontrelle Willis and OF Jeremy Hermida were re-assigned to the Minor League camp. Both came in as non-roster players.

Willis was having a decent spring but struggled in last couple of outings with throwing strikes. Overall, he had a 9.31 ERA in seven games. Hermida batted .342 with three homers.

With the Reds 40-man roster full and few (if anyone) on it to jettison, Dusty Baker hinted in recent days it’d be tough for non-roster players to crack the team and make the cut. We will see the manager shortly. Stay tuned.

The spring roster is at 28 players now. Three more cuts to go.

The 25th-man job is down to Fred Lewis and Juan Francisco. The last bullpen spots are between Jared Burton, Logan Ondrusek, Jose Arredondo and Matt Maloney.

***Update: Baker said Willis would report to Triple-A Louisville and be stretched out for starting pitching because of the sudden hit the depth has taken. Hermida was told he could look around for a big league job and if there is one, the Reds won’t stand in his way and would let him go.

“Dontrelle was real close to making it until 10 days-two weeks ago when he regressed a little bit,” Baker said. “It was tough telling Hermida because he was having a good spring.”

*Lewis is going to get checked out by the doctor because of a sore side. It’s looking like Francisco will make the team, especially if Lewis has to go on the DL. But we’ll have to wait and see on that.

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Well, guys, it’s O-Day minus 1 (aka March 30). What do you think? I believe this team will mirror the good things from last year – it will field well and score a lot of runs. The pitching will be okay but not spectacular. The rotation (when healthy) is made up of 3 3’s, and 2 4’s. The bullpen needs to prove itself again. (Lots of people say it will miss Arthur Rhodes, but he’s getting into Brett Favre territory agewise). I think the Reds are as good as any team in the division, and the other team I worry about is the Cubs, because no one’s sayng a thing about them. Could they rise up and bite the Reds in the butt? Go Reds!

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