Three cut, including Sappelt

Three more roster moves came down today and one of them will really stand out to Reds fans. Re-assigned to the Minor League camp were INF Chris Valaika, C Devin Mesoraco and OF Dave Sappelt.

There was a lot of fan desire to see Sappelt make the team, especially after he batted .564 (22-for-38) this spring. But the club was pretty adamant at the start that they wanted him to get more time at Triple-A, where he only had 25 games last season. However, he went from big long shot to very good chance.

All three of these players should be up at some point this season. I will have more on the roster moves later when we talks to Dusty Baker.

Reds vs. Giants, 6:10 pm ET, MLB Network/WLW/Gameday audio

Lewis 9
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Gomes 7
Francisco 5
Stubbs 8
Hanigan 2
Janish 6
LeCure 1

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Hey Mark, are Arredondo and Willis throwing today? How is Hernandez looking? Just precautionary with him? I bet you are looking forward to the 40 degree weather only five days away, ha.

Willis is throwing today, not sure on Arredondo. Hernandez is precautionary and no one seems to be (publicly) worried.

I think the reds have an abundance of talent in the outfield. They have ten guys who have similar production levels. Dusty favors Gomes over Heisey, but I feel Heisey can be more productive and sappelt being sent down really makes me wonder. What more can a player do?

What more can a player do? He had four great weeks. And don’t get me wrong, they were great, but it’s only four weeks. When he comes up in the season, if he tears it up, he’ll stay. Like I said, wait until he gets up and the opposition gets a book on him, it won’t be so easy.

I believe you go with the hot hand, stubbs is so inconsistent and has struggled this spring. Reward sappelt with an opportunity, that being said I don’t have a clue how his defense is so i’ll trust in walt’s decision.

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