Reds-Indians, part deux

Game starts at 3:05 p.m. ET. No TV…radio on WLW

Reds lineup:

Lewis 7
Heisey 8
Bruce DH
Francisco 5
Hermida 9
Alonso 3
Cairo 4
Hanigan 2
Janish 6

Arroyo 1

*Today is Aroldis Chapman’s 23rd birthday. He is scheduled to pitch today, as is Francisco Cordero,  Nick Masset and Bill Bray.

*Speaking of Cordero, Dusty Baker was asked about where he might have had trouble last season. Baker deferred to Bryan Price on things like mechanics — which Cordero told me recently he might have struggled with because of his weight.

“He may have also gotten a little predictable,” Baker said Monday. “When you’re in that role, it doesn’t take much to be perceived as a hero or a zero. One walk, one hit batsman, one homer – anything.”

*I noted yesterday that potential bench spot players like Valiaka, Heisey and Hermida had good offensive games late on Sunday. Baker noted however that one-dimensional players aren’t going to make it.

“But there’s more to making the team than hitting,” he said. “That’s all we see or pay attention to. Field, bases – it’s not called hitting. It’s called baseball. But if you’re going to play winning baseball, you have to do more than just hit.”

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I’ll be listening on the radio. Can’t wait.🙂

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