Volquez scratched for Sunday

The Reds were planning on starting Edinson Volquez  vs. the Indians in Sunday’s Cactus League opener, but that is now out.

Volquez, who is from the Dominican Republic, is dealing with an immigration visa issue, which stipulates that he can’t work in games that have paying customers. It was an issue that prevented camp invite Timo Perez from playing in big league exhibitions for the Reds a few years ago. Perez had to play in Minor League games, which have no admission charge.

Matt Maloney will start Sunday and pitch two innings. Daryl Thompson will be available to pitch after Maloney. Volquez will be able to remain in camp and will be limited to simulated games in the interim.

“It’s up to the government,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “He can stay here until it’s approved and when it’s approved, we’ll send him back [to big league games].”

UPDATE: It is likely that the work visa is being held up because Volquez was suspended last year for violating the league policy on performance enhancing drugs. He is in the country on a traveler’s visa. 

Volquez is still slated to be the Reds Opening Day starter on March 31.


I’m not down on Volquez. But he’s a major leaguer and it should be on his radar to get his visa issues settled well in advance to his arrival for his job. You’d think the offseason is long enough to get this approved/settled. Hopefully it doesn’t drag out and hurt his preparation for the season.

The Reds file all of the players visa paperwork with the government at the same time. Volquez’s was the one that was held up in processing.

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