Michael Young? Forget it

I got a Twitter question the other day asking if there was any chance that unhappy Rangers star Michael Young could be acquired in a trade by the Reds. The reader felt he could be a long term shortstop solution in Cincinnati. Young demanded a trade from Texas recently.

I replied that there was zero chance Young would come to these parts. Below, I shall elaborate.

Reason 1: Young makes $16 million in each of the next three seasons of his contract.

Reason 2: He’s 34. Not exactly long term solution.

Reason 3: Hasn’t played shortstop in several years. Young moved to 3B to make room for Elvis Andrus. Now he’s being relocated to DH.

Reason 4: The organizational pipeline already has some promising shortstops. Behind Paul Janish are Zack Cozart and Billy Hamilton.

Reason 5: According to the reporting of my MLB.com colleague in Texas, T.R. Sullivan, these are the eight teams Young has approved being dealt to in his limited no-trade provision: Yankees, Twins, Cardinals, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Padres, Angels

Maybe I should have said the chances of Young coming to Cincinnati were less than zero?

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