Edmonds back, but with St. Louis

So, Jim Edmonds is not retiring after all. On Friday, it was announced that Edmonds signed a Minor League contract with his former team, the Cardinals. He will be in the St. Louis camp as a non-roster invite.

MLB.com’s Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach has the story here

I remember talking to Edmonds during the waning days of the regular season and the postseason. With a very sore Achilles tendon, being barely able to walk and generally frustrated (and 40 years old), he definitely appeared to be a man headed for retirement.

But the pangs of baseball anticipation just before Spring Training can do a funny thing to a man. So Edmonds is headed back for another try at St. Louis, where he starred from 2000-07.

After his August trade to the Reds from the Brewers for Chris Dickerson, Edmonds appeared in only 13 games and batted .207 with three homers. On one of the homers, at Milwaukee on Sept. 21, he felt the Achilles pop and he could barely make it around the bases.

Edmonds was still well-liked during his short stay in Cincinnati and the younger outfielders especially seemed to benefit from his presence.

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