Who is your NL MVP?

The outcome of the National League MVP vote will be revealed at 2 p.m. ET. The Reds’ Joey Votto remains the favorite and nothing I’ve read in the last few weeks has me to think the winner will be otherwise.

Unfortunately, most of the MLB.com reporters aren’t allowed membership by the Baseball Writers Assocation of America because of BBWAA rules and thus, are not allowed to vote for their BBWAA-sanctioned awards. So I do not have a vote. Meanwhile, there are BBWAA members that don’t cover as many (or any) games as us that do get to vote. Go figure.

If I did have a vote — I’d go with Votto first, Albert Pujols second and Carlos Gonzalez third. If I’m not mistaken, the voters can select up to 10 players for their ballots.

Here is my story from Friday where I make the case for Votto:


My St. Louis colleague, Matthew Leach, made the case for Pujols


And MLB.com’s Brian McTaggart did an overview on Votto, Pujols and Gonzalez.


If you had a vote — and could be objective — how would you fill out your ballot?

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