With much appreciation to you.

Now that the season is done, I didn’t want to wait any longer to thank everyone for reading the stories, checking out the blog and follower on Twitter.

Mark My Word reached the top 10 among the Beat Writer portion of MLBlogs and had one month in the top five. The twitter feed, @m_sheldon, is up to 4,200 followers. Obviously, the Reds playing well has a lot to do with that but I’m pleasantly overwhelmed by the support.

Covering a winning team was something I hadn’t done in several years and it was much cooler to have meaningful games in the late summer and early fall for a change. Hopefully you enjoyed the ride and could use the content to learn more about the team and hopefully get a feel of what they players were going through.

This isn’t a goodbye for the winter, just a pause to show my appreciation. The Reds coverage will continue throughout the off-season — on MLB.com, reds.com, this blog and Twitter. I hope you continue to follow along.

Here is the first story to get you started”

Rhodes expresses desire to return to the Reds

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I just saw you had 4,192 Twitter followers. Nice milestone. Are you going to stop at 4,256?

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