Cabrera not better, Valaika?

This is from Dusty Baker, who updated the situation with SS Orlando Cabrera.

Q Can you give us an update on Orlando Cabrera and if he isn’t able to go tomorrow, will you look to replace him on the roster?

 DUSTY BAKER:  We’re waiting to see him now.  Actually, he called my trainer and said he wasn’t any better, and it’s been bothering him for a while now.  Then he’ll get better and then it bothers him again.
 I think it’s going to be tough for him to play and it’s tough for us, too.  We have to make a decision, of course, but it’s tough for us to anticipate, is he going to be well by tomorrow.  We’re going to wait as long as we can to see, but it’s tough for us to play short, too, which we did a lot this year.
 We had a pool of guys that went to Arizona for this situation.  So Chris Valaika is coming here, so if Orlando can go or is available, he’ll go.  If not, then we’ll put Valaika.  But the thing about it, if we do that, then Orlando isn’t available for this round.  And but we got to get to this round before we get to the next round?

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