Volquez to start NLDS Game 1

 Some surprising news came down after Saturday’s 7-4 win over the Brewers

Dusty Baker revealed Aaron Harang would start the regular season finale instead of Edinson Volquez. Why is that? It’s because Volquez was named the Game 1 starter for the NLDS.

“He’s coming on pretty strong,” Baker said. “He’s been especially good against lefties. The Phillies have a lot of lefties.”

Volquez was surprised when he was told on Friday.

“It’s an honor for me,” Volquez said. “For me it’s big because I was out for one year and came back from Tommy John [surgery]. This is the first game of the playoffs, it’s big time.”

With Roy Halladay starting for the Phillies, the Reds’ expected opponent, this decision gives the Reds a power arm to match.

In four starts since his recall from Dayton, Volquez is 1-1 with a 1.95 ERA. He has eight walks and 31 strikeouts. His power-armed velocity has regularly reached the 95-96 mph range.

More later on MLB.com/reds.com

1 Comment

I suppose we should be used to stuff like this. But what is the point of Baker announcing Volquez is the starter premised on the Phillies left-handed lineup BEFORE we know for sure we are going to play the Phillies? What was the rush to name him today? That just strikes me as idiotic. Is it possible that Baker doesn’t realize we might not play the Phillies in the first round?

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