Cabrera to return Saturday

Fri lineup vs. MIL

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Gomes 7
Bruce 9
Hernandez 2
Janish 6
Wood 1

*SS Orlando Cabrera didn’t start for the third game in a row. He is trying to keep his tender left oblique muscle from barking. He did pinch-hit on Wednesday and he plans to play Saturday and Sunday.

“I just want to be as close to 100 percent as possible for the first game on Wednesday,” Cabrera said. “Because it was hurting me, once we clinched I told Dusty to give me a couple of days.”

*The deliberation over the post-season roster continues. Nothing has been announced either for the roster or the rotation.

“A lot depends on the health of Nix and a lot depends on the health of Edmonds too,” manager Dusty Baker said of the roster makeup. “It’s never an easy decision. You want to kepe everybody and pitch everybody but you have to make a decision. Someone is invariably going to be left out or left off.”

*For players not making the roster, some will travel with the club. Others could be sent to the team complex in Arizona to workout. If someone is injured during the NLDS, the Reds could add a player of the same position. They can also add and subtract from the 25 man roster before the NLCS.

*With Jim Edmonds, it’s unclear if he will get into a game this weekend to test his tender right Achilles tendon. He received a cortisone shot on Wednesday.

“It depends. You don’t want to get him in a game and go backwards when he is just coming forward a little bit,” Baker said. “We don’t know how far forward. We’ll have to make a decision if it would be better to wait an extra week for the next round. No matter what he’ll be traveling with us and hitting, if he can hit. You would like his expertise there because he’s been down this road many, many times. He’s already helped Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs in the outfield, with certain pitches and scenarios and stuff. It helps to have somebody around that’s been through this a couple of times.”


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