A crack at the postseason roster

The Reds and Dusty Baker refuse to discuss postseason rosters because they don’t want to jump the gun before a clinch. But with Wednesday’s game being a blowout, I took some time to think it over.

If I’m thinking clearly, I’ve got 22 locks:







Starting pitchers:




What’s left?

The final starting pitcher spot is between Wood and Bailey because you only need four starters in the playoffs. Whoever doesn’t get it, I would expect that dude to go into the bullpen. That would make it 24 players, including 11 pitchers. 

And that would leave one more spot on the bench and it’s up in the air should Jim Edmonds not get back from his Achilles injury. Contending will be Chris Valaika, Juan Francisco, Yonder Alonso and possibly Corky Miller.

To be eligible for the postseason roster, a player would have to be either on the 40-man roster or part of the organization as of Sept. 1.  So if they decided to reach down for someone like non-roster outfielder Wladimir Balentien, it’s legit, but I don’t see that happening at this point. Willie Bloomquist, who was acquired in a trade last week, is not eligible for the postseason.

Don’t forget, changes can be made after each round of the postseason. So someone not on the roster for the NLDS can be added in event of an injury or changing situation. I would expect extra players to be around to be ready just in case.

Who would you add or subtract?

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Mark i think that there will only be 3 starters in the NLDS…i think arroyo will go game 4 with someone else going game 5 if it is neccesary…i think the only wild card in all of this is if the reds end up playing the phillies. If they do i would think travis wood might be a good candidate to start against that lefty lineup esp. considering the success he has had. If Edmonds is unavailable and assuming nix is healthy and there is only 1 spot i think it needs to go to someone who will only do one thing and that is Pinch Hit. I mean really we have janish and cairo for the infield and heisey and nix for the outfield. You need someone who can come of the bench and drop a bomb or get a clutch hit. Based off of what we’ve seen i would want that person to be Yonder Alonso. He has handled the PH duty well and almost hit a 3 run HR in houston. To me it makes sense

If they feel that Hernandez or Hanigan, with one on the bench each day, would be a better bench bat that any potential 25th man, I would not be surprised to see Corky get the last spot to free up the nonstarting regular catcher to be used as a bat off of the bench. That would permit them to use Hanigan/ Hernandez as a straight up pinch hitter or to double switch using the catcher’s spot which they would be unlikely to do without a third catcher.

On the pitching side, Burton could be a dark horse if someboy is less than 100%. He seems to be healthy and throwing well and he has considerable MLB experience in the 7th and 8th inning roles.

Mark, your list is definitely on track closer to what Dusty will probably actually end up doing rather than mine. My heart is Red through and through, yet, in my heart, I know our pitching will be the reason for a quick downfall. Consistently we get outmatched by the top pitchers in the top teams in the league. If we keep on doing what we are doing now, we are the easy first team out this year, possibly even a sweep, unless we do something outrageously unusual and unexpected with our pitching.
Cueto is killing me! Especially after his outing last night, I don?t even know if I want to see him in the playoffs now. You never know what to expect from him, his ERA has been good on paper, but he keeps blowing close games. Cueto is good one outing then lousy the next. I honestly don?t expect him to win a single post season game this year because he is going to be facing some very tough pitching that he has struggled against and more often failed against all season. Now Arroyo can do it when he?s got it. I think Arroyo has a 50% chance of winning some postseason games if the offence produces well for him. The good news is Volquez is finally back and he could do very well in postseason this year with a little luck. Over the next year or so Woods and Bailey are going to sizzle as they increase their endurance, watch out for them, and Leak, next season. But we need a game winner for postseason now. The way I see it, Woods and Bailey have consistently done a fantastic job the first 3 and sometimes 4 innings during the last half of this season. I know this is a nutty idea but why not combine Woods and Bailey for one game and get 6 or 7 strong innings combined that can be followed up with our solid closers.
That gives us one ace, 1. Volquez; 2. Arroyo; 3. Bailey/Woods; and if we need a 4th starter, (here is another crazy idea) but he did start for 1/2 of the season in AAA. 4. Chappman. I know what you?re thinking not enough big league experience to start him in postseason. But to his advantage few teams going into the playoffs have faced him and he has demonstrated the ability to dominate. And honestly I would rather see Chappman starting than Cueto because I think we would at least have a chance of winning some games with Chappman. These are some of my thoughts, and actually I?m glad I?m not the one making these decisions, and very glad someone like Dusty IS, based on his solid years if winning experience.
This may not be our year to go into the World Series, and that is fine, because the Reds have done an outstanding job this year and Dusty has been a big reason for that. So, win or lose, I?m very proud of what the Reds have been able to pull off this year.
But just as a side note, I am also rooting for Edmonds to come back for postseason, his presence on the field would be invaluable and I am also rooting for Alonso to get some postseason experience. He needs to find a position that he can fit into for the Red?s next season, the problem is where we are going to play him. But we need to make the effort and continue to make the investment in him, so a little post season exposure now will make him twice the better player when we go all the way in 2011 and defeat those STINKING YANKEES!

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