Cordero or Chapman?

Reds manager Dusty Baker had a spririted defense of closer Francisco Cordero when asked if Aroldis Chapman should take over in the role.

“It hasn’t changed,” Baker said. “Chapman just learned how to relieve. That eighth inning and seventh inning is a whole lot easier than that ninth inning. Is this the place to experiment with that? With the guy that hasn’t been there? In case he doesn’t do it, do I go back to Coco and say ‘hey man, I was just kidding.’ Then you lose both of them.”

Baker did leave the door open a some about what he might do in the postseason.

“There’s a situation like Price in Tampa Bay in the playoffs [in 2008]. If that comes up, we’ll see,” Baker said. “In the meantime, let’s not stir it up. There’s already enough stirring up whenever he comes into the game. That can’t help when he comes in the game and gives up one ball or one hit, the boos start. That makes it worse.

“Let’s enjoy what we have instead of thinking about what we don’t have. How about that?”

Baker is aware that people and fans have questioned his methods all season. Although asked about Cordero and Chapman he defended his way of handling issues and handling his players.

“They didn’t like my lineup,” Baker said. “They didn’t like this. They didn’t like that. I can’t worry about those people. Those people don’t manage this ballclub. Those people don’t understand the psychological dynamics of your ballclub.

“There were people that wanted Dickerson to play and they started booing Dickerson. They wanted Nix. There’s people that wanted Bruce sent to the minor leagues. There were people that wanted Heisey to play every day. There are people that wanted Stubbs sent to the minors. There were people that wanted Masset out of here at the beginning…I’m not worried about what people say because people go on who’s hot at the time. I have to look at the overall big picture, the dynamics and the psychology of my ball club.”

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Although I also don’t have the most confidence in Cordero right now I would just like to say I totally agree with Baker. I also love the fact that he comes out and says these things. I was never the biggest Dusty fan but I do appreciate him. I hate people that come on the message boards and whatnot day after day saying this guy should go, this guy should start, this guy is awful. Give me a break. Baseball is a tough game, there is so much failure. You can’t just make changes day in and day out. Those people are annoying. Real fans know this. For all of you out there that know the bandwagon fans that have joined the team this year, the majority of them are the people that want changes all the time. They don’t know the game of baseball as well as some of us do. The Reds are having the best year in a long time, and they are doing it the best way they can. I for one am enjoying the season and am not going to start hating. Go Reds! Lets play at least five more weeks.


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