Targeting Tuesday for Bruce

Sunday lineup vs. PIT

Phillips 4
Cabrera 6
Votto 3
Gomes 7
Hernandez 2
Cairo 5
Stubbs 8
Heisey 9
Cueto 1

*OF Jay Bruce (sore right side) is considered available to pinch-run and play defense today. His return is pretty close. Bruce hasn’t played since Aug. 30.

“We’re targeting Tuesday,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “They said he won’t completely heal 100 percent until the winter. Waiting a couple of more weeks is going to help but it’s not going to … so we may have to space him. He’s very close. He let it out pretty good yesterday. He swung pretty good.”

*Nick Masset and Aroldis Chapman are not considered available from the bullpen today. Chapman and Masset had both pitched the last three games.

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Got it that Cordero feels BAD, and so do the Reds fans – It’s been a LONG time since they’ve been this close to going to the Postseason, so cut them some slack, too.

Could Baker have used his starter going into the 9th? Could the Reds offense have produced a few more runs? Hey, the Reds have to get this done, and Baker needs to make sure his skin isn’t getting too thin – in other words, stick up for your pitcher, but don’t attack your fans. We don’t need his lessons – the fans pay for the seats, the tickets…the team.

GET IT DONE Tomorrow, okay???

It will be really nice to have some of these outfielders off the DL. I remember when 39-year-old Pete Rose, then with the Phillies, played all 163 games in 1980 – yes, the Phils got one more game in the books.

Rose had a broken toe, and they tore out some padding of one of his cleats to fit his toe with padding, Etc., and he hit “only” .282 with a team-leading 185 hits and league-leading 42 doubles.

Rose hit over .340 in the postseason, and led the Phils to their first-ever World Championship ever. Rose is also the only ballplayer with consecutive games-played streaks of 670+ and 700+ without missing a game…period. There are some fine ballplayers out there, but I believe they’re not as tough as they were in Rose’s day.

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