Postgame: Stealing home, game stolen

There’s not a lot that can be said after that game, a 6-5 Reds loss. I had never seen a straight-steal of home before and Chris Nelson certainly did something no one on the Reds expected.

Here are some expanded quotes from both sides that tell the story:

“It was one of those situations. I came set and they said ‘step off.’ My initial reaction was that the guy from first was going to second. I step off and turn around. By the time I looked at third base, that guy was halfway home and I didn’t have a chance to get him. it was a complete mistake on my part because you check the runner at third right away and then go from there. I kind of looked past that. Normally you get the guy from first who tries to be sneaky at second. It was a complete mishap on my part.” — Nick Masset

“You’ve got a right-hander pitcher pitching from the stretch and the runner’s right in front of you. And he obviously never saw him. Because he had been running for a while when the screaming and hollering started.” — Rockies manager Jim Tracy

“It’s embarrassing. It’s something that shouldn’t have happened. It’s something I take complete fault for. It’s something you’ve never seen before. Before I was about to throw that pitch, I was going to fake to third and go to first. Instead, he took off right before I had the chance. That’s why I thought the runner from first was stealing second.” — Masset
“It doesn’t cross your mind that all of a sudden, he’s going to steal home right in the middle of you standing there. That was a really risky play on their end that paid off. You’ve got a right-handed reliever in the stretch position facing you, and all of a sudden you run home. That’s a big time risky play. It paid off for them. In general it’s not going to pay off. It will cost you a base runner late in the game.” — Joey Votto

“It was a squeeze play, but the pitcher wasn’t really looking at me so I just ran home.” — Chris Nelson.

“I don’t think I’ve ever lost a game like that, a steal at home. They say if you’ve been around this game long enough, you see everything. When you’re not going good, everything goes against you.” — Dusty Baker


*Obviously the Reds can still finish .500 and get to 90 wins and the Cardinals have a hard hill to climb. But the Reds can make themselves feel a touch better by beating up the Pirates and getting on a roll. St. Louis starts a series tonight with a much tougher foe in Atlanta.

Quick notes —

*The Reds took a 5-0 lead and saw Colorado score six unanswered runs

*The Reds finished off a 1-6 road trip, their worst of the year. They tied a season-high with five-straight losses.

*The Reds have lost eight in a row at Coor Field.

*Nick Masset hadn’t given up a run in his previous 15-straight appearances, totalling 17 2/3 innings. He had a 0.30 ERA in his last 28 games.

*Joey Votto is the first Reds batter with at least 30 HRs and 100 RBIs in a season since Adam Dunn had 40 HRs and 106 RBIs in 2007.

*The Rockies have won seven in a row and are bracing to shock the world like they did in 2007. Amazing week for them. They’ve won 10-straight games over first-place teams since Aug. 23. Wow.

More quotes —

“We have no choice. We can’t bring this day into tomorrow. We just have to start again tomorrow.” — Dusty Baker

“We’ve been in this position before. We’re going to go through bad stretches during the season and this is one of them. We just have to dig down a little deeper and look for tomorrow, be optijmic and plan on winning. We’ve done that several times this year.” — Joey Votto
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“St. Louis starts a series tonight with a much tougher foe in Atlanta.” hmmm seems to me they the Cardinals kicked their butt tonight!!! Oh why didn’t any beat writer ask Dusty why he wasted an out letting Ondrusek bat after he almost gave up a homer in the previous inning??? When your team needs a win you dont give up easy outs knowing the opposition is coming back… and he had Chapman to start the 7th…Its another dumb managing move that Dusty does that ticks me off..he never manages well against better teams.. he always seems to manage hoping he doesnt lose, instead of managing to WIN.. Also If I was the manager, Walt would be explaining to me why the heck i have only 3 outfielders on a important road trip???? the Reds look BEAT and tired, the Rockies look hungry and wanting to get to the post season.. If the Cardinals had played better, they would be in 1st and Walt would prb give excuses why he didnt help his own team not be short handed in the out field.. thats being CHEAP..Harang is a waste on this team now, he isnt coming back, so he should have been released and Balentine put on the 40 man roster (he prb would not have got hurt at AAA if this happened).. So Mark, will you ask the tough questions??

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