Postgame: Are you worried?

Wednesday’s 9-2 loss made it four straight defeats and a 1-5 road trip with one game left. Obviously that places even more importance on Thursday’s finale.

Here are some things to ease the concerns — the Reds usually find a way to bounce back from these types of things. They’ve done it most of the season.

*The Reds haven’t lost four in a row since being swept at Philadelphia just before the All-Star break. Right after the break, they were unbeaten in the next seven series (6-0-1).

*The Reds haven’t dropped five in a row since April 14-18.

*The Cardinals were 8-1 losers at Milwaukee tonight which kept the Reds’ National League Central lead at six games and lowered the magic number to clinch to 19.

*The Reds could go 12-11 over the last 23 games and get to 91 wins while St. Louis would need to finish its season 19-6 to reach that mark.

*After this trip, the Reds have only one more series against a contending team — San Diego (Sept. 24-26).

*The Cardinals start a four-game series next at Atlanta. The Reds have Pittsburgh at home this weekend.

A point of concern, however: The Reds have a 16-30 record against the six remaining real NL contenders – the Cardinals (6-12), Braves (2-3), Rockies (2-4), Phillies (2-5), Padres (1-2) and Giants (3-4).

Postgame quotes —

“This is the first year since I’ve been in this uniform that we’ve got something to play for. Regardless of what happens on the field for us personally, we have to put those emotions aside for the betterment of the team. We’re still in a good place. That’s all we can ask for.” — Bronson Arroyo

“Things didn’t go our way tonight at all – the last couple of days. It’s gone their way. That’s what happens when a team is hot and that’s what happens when a team is cold. Nothing lasts forever. We’ll come back tomorrow.” – Dusty Baker

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