Seeking 6-3 on West Coast

Weds lineup vs. SF

Phillips 4
Heisey 9
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Gomes 7
Hanigan 2
Stubbs 8
Janish 6
Bailey 1

Starting out a trip 5-1 and finishing 5-4 wouldn’t be the happiest thing to happen to the Reds. But it’s still a winning trip. It would be a much better trip with a win this afternoon.

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Mark, I was just wondering if anyone realises just how bad, Heisey is hitting against LHP’s? Is Dusty trying to force him to learn to hit against them or do you know? I hope that is the reason he is starting.


I looked into this last week. In games that he has started with a lefty on the mount, he is hitting .216. Comparatively the Reds as a team were hitting something like .246 in those games.

See two things to keep in mind,
1) He has started against some difficult lefties
2) He has started in games that the opposing pitcher was just feeling it that day.

In 11 of the games that he had started against lefties to that point, the Reds had been shut out 3 times. Also included in there was the 0-5 from the first ML start that he ever had.

Look back at his minor league numbers, he can hit lefties. We are looking at a terribly small sample size with the opposing pitchers throwing out some ridiculous numbers during those games. I wouldn’t be too worried at this point.

Thanks for your comment, coltholt. It is strange that he has hit LHP’s well in the past, and not so well this year, even at the AAA level though. Also note how well he is hitting RHP’s since being called up. I sure hope you are right and he starts hitting them better, because we are gonna need him too.

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