Volquez may not start next time

On the heels of Reds starter Edinson Volquez’s rough two-thirds of an inning Monday night, the Reds are considering having him not take his next turn in the rotation.

“We have to decide if it’s better served for him to continue to start and hope he gets it or have somebody else start and possibly put him in the bullpen or something,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “We’ll decide that after we revamp who’s pitching. Bryan is going to come up with two or three different scenarios that we’ll go over and we’ll try to come up with the best one for us and for them.”

On Reds game notes, Volquez is listed as Sunday’s probable starter but Baker said he “did not know” if he would make that start.

Before that answer, I had asked Baker if he was worried about having Volquez in the rotation when he does really well sometimes and not so well the others.

“You’re not as worried if you have a lot of pitching like we will in September,” Baker said. “You’re worried prior to that when you don’t have a lot pitching and don’t have added roster expansion.

“It’s just a matter of finding the strike zone. It was either a ball or over the heart of the plate. We knew there would be some adjustment because he talked to Tim Hudson about it. Look how Hudson is this year.”

*On a lighter note, San Francisco was positively warm today with temperatures nearing 90 degrees and feeling warmer. Usually in the summer, it’s in the 50s and 60s.

Baker told this story:

“I remember one time was renting this house here in 1994, and it was Joe Montana’s and Dwight Clark’s house. It was hot as hell in Hillsboro up here. I called a heating and air conditioning guy because it was just blowing in hot air. He went in there and after 30 seconds, came back out. He said ‘sir, I hate to tell you this, its $60. … Also, you don’t have air conditioning.”

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