Cueto, Baker suspended

Here is the most recent version of the story about Johnny Cueto being suspended for seven games (essentially one start) and Dusty Baker and Tony LaRussa getting two games each after Tuesday’s brouhaha. Fines were handed out to several players, including Brandon Phillips.

I just got off of the phone with Dusty Baker and asked what he thought about the ruling.

“What can you do? When the judge rules, the judge rules,” Baker said. “We’ll try to appeal That’s what people usually do.”

While Cueto can appeal his suspension, the managers can not and will start serving on Friday. Baker will have to watch the games from either the GMs box or go home. He can be in the clubhouse and on the field pre-game for batting practice, etc.

“You can appeal almost anything. That’s not the most diplomatic system,” Baker said of his having no appeal process as a manager.

Cueto is slated to pitch on Sunday, but with an appeal, he can keep pitching while the appeal process is ongoing.

In my opinion, Cueto was fortunate he didn’t get more games. I know he was pinned back by the backstop, but the kicking of guys with spikes on was a big deal. Someone could argue that he shouldn’t have been smack dab in the middle of the skirmish in the first place.

I’m very surprised that sterner discipline wasn’t given to Molina and Carpenter. Molina was mostly responsible for the first part of the benches-clearing scuffle and Carpenter certainly played a part in part two.

Baker was also stunned more didn’t happen to Carpenter, especially.

“I don’t know what the umpire report says. Something must have been left out,” Baker said.  “A few statements caused the escalation.”

One of those statements was visible on camera from Carpenter, who turned and barked something at Baker. 

Baker tried to plead his case to Bob Watson and Frank Robinson of MLB, but to no avail. He talked to both this morning, but the decisions had already been made. He wants to put everything that happened this week in the past.

“The whole thing was wrong,” Baker said. “What Brandon said shouldn’t have been said. What happened in the game shouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have escalated to that point. You don’t want it to happen again. It doesn’t help baseball. It doesn’t help the integrity of the game and it doesn’t help anything.”


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Fair reporting on an unnecessary distraction. Boys will be boys, but men win World Series. Let’s see how they hunker down now. Will it destroy this team, or make it stronger. At the beginning of the season, most of us would have settled for 2nd place, but not now. I think these guys have the character to pull it off.

Come on. Sterner discipline against Molina but you say nothing about Phillips? I don’t disagree that Yadi got in Brandon’s face and contributed to the benches clearing. But he did that in response to the comments made to the media as well as the bat tap, not once, but TWICE, after Yadi had made it quite clear he wanted no part of the gesture. In my opinion, if you’re going to suspend Yadi, you have to suspend Phillips as well. But in this case, I am happy they were both just fined. I also agree that Cueto deserved more. 1 start for taking your spikes to some guy’s face? That’s nothing.

– Tiffany

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